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While drumming dominates music in other African countries, this type of music dominates in Ethiopia.
Vocal music.
The religious group of the Coptic Monophysite Church of Ethiopia...
use a 8-12 stringed harp known as a BAGANA which is related to the ancient Greek KITHIRA.
The Afar people of Ethiopia...
are CAMEL HERDERS who use simple flutes for sound effects for storytelling.
The original inhabitants of Morocco who still inhabit the highlands...
Arabic classical music came to Morocco...
in 1492 when court musicians fled Spain after the fall of the Moorish Granada kingdom.
The Tuaregs of Niger...
have reversed the typical Arabic roles of the sexes. Men wear veils and are forbidden from playing musical instruments.
Musicians of GAMBIA who were born into their trade and were regarded as the guardians of oral history...
Griots or "praise singers."
The population of Liberia includes...
indigenous people and the descendants of repatriated Africans from America.
The three pitched language of Liberia...
Kpelle language.
The music of the Dan of the Ivory Coast...
is valued for its power to give strength and courage to people.
Stilt dances of the Ivory Coast...
are believed to help the growth of grasses, trees, and harvest plants.
The Ewe from Ghana are known for their...
sophisticated drumming.
The cult which was imported from northern Ghana to combat witchcraft was the...
Blekete Cult.
In the possession dance in which Oango arrives...
the first indication of his presence is a high-pitched scream emitted by the medium the instant she becomes possessed.
An hourglass shaped instrument which is carried under one arm and produces a wide variety of pitches when squeezed...
talking drum.
Because the Kanyoka language of the Congo is tonal...
drums are used to convey messages.
The Bambala...
prearranged tribunals in which each of the parties presents his argument accompanied by drums, a whistle, and a chorus of villagers is used to settle disputes.
Harps, lyres, and zithers in Africa...
were only occasionally used as solo instruments; they were usually used to accompany singers.
The Tutsi of Rwanda...
founded a feudal kingdom with absolute power in 1959. The dynastic drums of the royal court were symbols of their absolute power.
Pygmies and Bushmen of southern Africa are regarded as...
the original hunter/gathering inhabitants of Africa.
Pygmies and Bushmen music
mirrored their democratic social organization which avoided having any specific leader.
The music the Mbuti of Zaire sang for outsiders was...
highly structured and rhythmically a bit square.
As slaves of the Tutsi the music and lifestyle of the Twa pygmies..
has practically disappeared.
The Bushmen of the Kalahari desert...
were gradually driven into the desert by invaders.
The Shona of Zimbabwe associate the mbira...
with ancestral spirits who are attracted to the music and thus drawn down to earth for consultations.
A bow whose single string is struck with a stick...
shitende bow.