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to get at
reach, find (the truth)
to get behind
quedar-se enrere

("with my work")
to get down
(1) to depress

(2) anotar, prendre nota

(3) posar-se a fer algo en sèrio ("to work")

(4) ajupir-se ("on your knees")
get down to business!
anem per feina!
to get on
(1) to manage ("without you")

(2) to advance, to develop ("at school")
to get out of
escapar-se d'una responsabilitat ; escaquejar-se
to get over
to recover from (a disease)
to get round
escampar-se (gossips)
to get through
(1) passar, aprovar

(2) acabar ; to use up all of
to get up to
portar-ne alguna de cap
to get by
anar fent ("on my salary alone")
to get dinner
to prepare a meal
his behaviour GETS me at times
annoys me
to get to know sb
arribar a conèixer ; entaular relació amb
to get out of bed on the wrong side
to be in a bad mood
to get off to a good start
to start well
a get-together
an informal meeting, party
to get rid of
to throw away, destroy
to get your own back on sb
to take your revenge