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what are the 6 theories of life after death?
1. Resurrection
2. Reincarnation
3. Pantheism
4. Materialism
5. Immortality
6. Paganism
What is the main goal of the Protestant Church?
to protest against and bring down the Catholic Church
What issues do the protestans agree with the catholic church?
-church saves
How do you determine wheather a church is liberal or conservative?
Liberal is less structured and Conservative is more structured
Name 2 Liberal churches
Evangelical and Baptist
Name 2 conservative churches
Lutheran and Anglican
Name 2 churches in the middle of conservative and liberal
Methodist and Presbyterian
What are the 3 main differences between Catholics and Protestants?
1. Salvation
2. Grace and the Human person
3. View of the Church
How do protestants view the church?
They view it as a place where like minded people worship
What is the difference in ow the protestants and the catholics views on grace?
Catholics say grace changes inwardly and saves us but protestants don't.
How do Protestants say they recieve salvation?
Through Faith alone
What does "sola fida" mean?
faith alone
Which protestant reformer said "sola fida"?
Martin Luther
What is the quote on salvation from Romans 5?
"since we are justified by faith"
What quote from the bible explains the Catholic stance on Salvation?
1 Corinthians 13:2 - "if I have faith, but do not have love, I have nothing"
When was the eastern Schism and what issues was it about?
1054 Filioque and Politics
What happened in the @nd Schism in 1517?
Martin Luther, a catholic priest starts the Protestant reformation
Name two popular reformers before the schism.
Wycliff and Huss
What did Wycliff do?
Taught sola scriptura at Oxford and denied the Eucharist in 1382
What did Huss do?
Taught in Prague in 1415
What are the four parts of the Schism?
1. Nationalism
2. decadence of the clergy
3. Uneducated clergy
4. Indulgences
What were the 2 responses from the people about the Schism?
Reform from within or leave
What were the people who reformed from within called?
Catholic Counter Reformers
Name some popular saints from the time of the schism.
-St. Teresa of Avila
-St. Idnatius of Loyola
-St. Catherine of Siena
Who were the four big Protestant reformers, where were they from and tell weather they were conservative or liberal?
-Martin Luther: Germany (conservative)
-John Calvin: France (Liberal)
-Henry VIII: England (conservative)
-Ulrich Zwingli: Switz. (Liberal)
What sacraments did Martin Luther keep?
What changes did John Calvin make as a reformer?
-No priesthood (authority)
-Sola scriptura
-No Eucharist
What changes did Ulrich Zwingli make as a reformer?
-No authority
-Only God and you
What changes did Henry VIII make as a reformer?
-Claimed himself head of the church of England
What does Septuagint mean?
It is the translation of the Old Testament.
What does Deuterocanonical mean?
This is what we as Catholics call the "2nd Canon" The 7 books the Protestants took out.
What does Protocanonical mean?
"First Canon" All the books besides the 7 taken out by the protestants. The books everyone else excepts.
Who lead the council of Jamnia in 100?
Jewish Leaders
What was the goal of the Council of Jamnia?
To take out 7 Books of the Bible.
What 7 books of the bible did the council of Jamnia wish to take out?
-1 and 2 Maccabees
What 2 books did the Council of Jamnia remove parts of?
Ester and Daniel
Why did the Council of Jamnia want to remove these book?
To get back to the "Original Hebrew"
What is the Didache?
The teaching of the Apostles
Sybically, why did the Protestants take out the books?
Becaue they seemed catholic
Synically, why did the Jewish take out the books?
Because they seemed Christian
What does Judaism mean?
People of the Covenant
What were the main points of Judaism?
religion, culture, ethnis, country.
In judaism, beliefs come from 3 different areas. What are they?
1. law
2. Prophets
3. Historic events
What are some characteristics of Judaism?
Monotheistic, worship in synogogues, instead of priests, they have rabbi(teachers of law)
What is the basic theological statement of Judaism?
What was the name of the written and oral teaching of the jews?
Oral- Talmud
The Talmud is composed of two sections. What are they?
Mishnah and Germara
What are th 3 main groups of Jews?
Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed
What do the Jews call their group of holidays through sept-oct?
What is the jewish new year called?
Rosh Hashanah
Name the 2 other holidays of the jews?
Yom Kippur and The feast of the Taberacle.
What is the meaning of Islam?
Submission to God
What is Islamic based on?
The realtion and travels of Abraham and Muhammed to MECCA
In what country is Mecca?
Saudi Arabia
When the Angel Gabriel comes to Muhammed what happens?
He guides him for 23 years to write the Koran
How many suras (chapters) are there in the Koran
What happens to Muhammed in 622?
He is dragged out of Mecca and he goes to Medina
What does Mohammed do in Medina?
He forms a militia of 40,000 men and they go to mecca.
When Muhammed died, what 3 countries did his men go on to take?
Palistine, Mesopotamia, Syria, and Egypt.
Who led men to stop the Muslims from taking Rome?
Charles Martel
What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?
1. Creed (Shahada)
2. Pray 5x a day facing Mecca
3. Alms giving
4. Fasting druing Ramadan
5. Hadj- pilgrimage to Mecca
Wheredo muslims worship?
What is a mineret?
A tower on the top of Mosques that calls people to prayer
What are the two types of Muslims?
Sunni and Shiite
What do the Shiites believe?
They believe that the line of successors of blood comes from Ali and that he was martyred by the Sunni
What is Caliphs?
Successors of Muhammed
What are the seven types of Religion?
1. Agnosticism
2. Atheist
3. Polytheism
4. Pantheism
5. Deism
6. Unitarian
7. Trinitarian
Name 2 religions that are Unitarian?
Jews and Muslims
What type of religion are christains?
What type if religion are Buddhists?
Who was the founder of the Mormons and where was he from?
Joseph Smith from vermont
What becomes the book of Mormons?
The gold tablets revealed to Smith by the Angel Moroni
Who did Joseph Smith say ordained him?
John the Baptist
Who did Joseph Smith say ordained him in the order of Melchizadek?
Peter, James, and John
What 2 tribes in the book of mormon made there way to America?
Jaredites and Nephites
What did the Mormons say the U.S. was?
the land of zion
Where did Jseph and his brother Hyrum form a malitia?
Nauvoo, Illinois
What happened in Nauvoo?
Joseph and his brother were put in jail and the Christians attacked the jail and killed them
Who is responsible for taking mormons to Utah?
Brigam Young
What are the 3 levels of Heaven for the Mormons?
1. Low end- recieve the holy ghost
2. Middle- recieve Jesus
3. High end- become a god and get your own planet
Who was the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses?
Charles Taze Russell
What do Jehovah's Witnesses do?
openly reject the trinity and don't believe in hell.
What do Jehovahs say about heaven?
They say it can only hold 144,000 people and it is already full and everyone else lives forever in paradise on earth.
What are adventists?
predict the end of the world
What is the goal of the East?
To be one with everything
What is the main belief of Hinduism?
everything is a part of who God is, we are all one with eachother and if you don't believe that then you aren't enlightened.
What else do Hidu's beleve?
They believe in polytheism where they don't see God as personal.
What do the Hindu's learn from?
The Upanishads
What are the Upanishads?
ancient theological texts that teach about the "one" which is everything
Hindu's believe in the Atman. What does that mean?
Eternal self
What is the goal of the Atman?
to "dissolve" the self or "liberate" the self
What is the goal of the Atman known as?
What do Hindus call reincarnation?
According to Hindus what is reincarnation based on?
Besides reincarnation what else do Hindus believe is based on Karma?
What is the standard for ethical living according to the Hindus?
What are the 4 beliefs of Dharma?
1. Revelation
2. Tradition passed on
3. look to those who are wise
4. Conscience
What do Hindus believe the 3 paths of Liberation will do?
dissolve the self
What are the 3 paths of Liberation?
1. Path of work (Karma Marga)- do actions marked by unselfishness
2. Path of Knowledge (Jnana Marga)- through contemplation you gain knowlege to be one w/ everything
3. Path of Devotion (Bhatri Marga)- worship of gods to focus less on self
What does Budh literally mean?
to awaken
Who do Buddhists say is the enlightened one?
What are the 4 passing sights?
1. decrepit old man(age)
2. diseased man(sick)
3. corpsi(die)
4. ascetic(self denial)
What were the noble truths based on?
The passing sights
What are the last four things to happen to a person?
1. Death
2. Judgement
3. heaven
4. hell
Name the last rites.
1. Reconciliation
2. Apostolic Pardon
3. Annointing of the sick
4. Viaticum- "to go with"