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define developmnet
refers to the changes that occur over time across the entire life span.
no hint
define physical growth
includes the development of human organs in the prenatal period, the growth in size and changes in functioning that occur in childhood and adolescence and then the declines and alterations in functioning that occur with more advance aging.
growth in childhood and adolescence then declines as we age.
define cognitive development
refers to the concept of intelligence as well as specific aspects of our thinking processes such as moral reasoning , language development, memory skills and the ability to read,write and do math.
thinking process
define social/emotional development
includes temperment,personality,and socialization into a particular cultural group
no hint
what characteristics do life span development have
multidimensional: physical,cognitive,emotional,personality
age-graded:desinated roles or activities based on age.
history-graded: influencial historial events that occur in their lifetime.
non-normative:events that are not universal or widespread but have an effect on one's life.
sge-graded:naming ceremonies,getting a driver's license
history-graded;attack on world trade center
non-normative: having breast cancer, being a surviver of the twin towers.
define continuity
development is the result of gradual and cumulative changes over the entire life span.
define discontinuity
development occurs in decrete, identifiable stages.