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Paresthesia, (assessment)
tingling sensaton or numbness in the involved limb
Williams position is used for lowerback pain,
the pt lies in the semi-fowlers position and flexes the knees to relax the muscles of the lower back and relieve pressure on the spinal nerve root.
Name 3 Pt centered interventions for LBP.
Williams' Position
Exercis (PT)
Heat and ice therapy (ice, 15min/1-2 hours)(heat, 20-30 min/ x4qd
Name 3 invasive interventions for LBP
Laser disc decompression= drawin the herniated portion awy from the nerve root.
2. diskectomy= the spinal nerve is usually lifted to remove the offending portion of the disc
3. Laminectomy - the removal of one of more vertebral laminae plus osteophytes, and the herniated nucleous pulposus.
What does the nurse assess for postopertiviely after a lamenectomy?
The nurse carefull check the client's ability to void. Pain and flat position make voiding difficult. May indicate damage to the sacral spinal nerve which control the dtrusor muscle in the bladder.
After a lamenectomy, what does clear drainage from the incision site indicate?
Cerebrospinal fluid leakage . The nurse must report this immediately. Bulgin at the incision site may be due ti DSF leak or hematoma. REPORT
Identify risk factors that contribut to back pain
Spinal stenosis
hypertrophy of the intraspinal ligaments
arteriosclerosis, (decreased blood supply to the spinal cord
blood dyscrasias
Disk degeneration
Lodorsis is:
when the lower back becomes more anteriorly curved, straining back muscles.