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the skin is composed of two layers?
epidermis, dermis
this is below the skin and helps with insulation,shock absorber,and anchors skin to muscle
this cell in the epidermis produces keratin, and is produced deep in the epidermis
this cell in deepest layer of epi, makes melanin, melanosomes are transferred to keratinocytes
this cell is made in bone marrow and migrates to epidermis helps with immunity
this cell is associated with nerve ending, found in basal layer and is a touch receptor
what are the layers of the epidermis? deepest to surface
stratum basale,stratum spinosum,stratum granulosum,stratum lucidum,stratum corneum
this layer of skin is the strong flexible connective tissue, its innervated,vascular,contains sweat glands, etc...
what are the 5 functions of the skin?
temp regulation, sensation, metabolic functions, blood reservoir, excertion
what are the three skin cancers?
basal cell skin cancer,squamous cell cancer, melanoma
this cancer affects the basal layer, most common,least malignant, cells invade dermis and hypodermis
basal cell skin cancer
What are the causes of skin cancer?
UV radiation, X-rays, chronic skin ulcers
this cancer forms ulcers, its fast growing and metastasizes
squamous cell cancer
this cancer is the most dangerous, 1/3 develop from moles, metastasizes rapidly,use ABCDE rule
what are the ABCDE's of skin cancer detection?
Asymmetry,border irregularity,colors,diameter,elevation
when using tanning beds, the __________ forms double bonds in the DNA and the _____ normally take care of the double bond(mess up the unzipping), but sometimes the proteins are overwhelmed and if this happens it can cause cancer.
pyrimidine, protein
this type of burn consist of only the epidermis, red, pain, sometimes swelling,
first degree
epidermis and upper derims, red, pain, swelling, and blisters(fluid from derims oozes upward)
second degree
epidermis, dermis,often hypodermis, tissue regeneration too slow, can cause suffocation if near airways
third degree
this pathology is where melanocytes do not make melanin
this pathology is where herpes simplex virus lie dormant in the nerves of skin
cold sores
this pathology is when you have raised, pink lesions developing yellow crust, very contagious, common in children
this pathology has red epidermal lesions and dry silvery scales, cause unknown-autoimmune
this pathology is very common, loss of melanocytes