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Where did the Samurai originate?
What is regents?
People who govern in place of a ruler.
What nobles claimed different parts of Japan?
The most powerful nobles known as daimyos or "great names." formed their own armies to defend and expand their lands,the soldiers who became known as the samurai vowed loyalty to their daimyos.
What did the daimyo give the Samurai if they won a battle?
Who lived on the land owned by the samurai?
What did those peasants do?
Farm the land.
What did the peasants give the samurai?
food and money to pay for the armor.
Who could become a samurai?
only the sons of nobles.
What was a part of the Samurai training?
They hiked barefoot in freezing weather
What does "Shogun" mean?
Leading general
what did the samurai fight with?
bows,arrows,& a steel sword
In the late 1100s,What did Minamoto Yoritomo set up?
a military government
Who fought each other over control of land?
Shoguns & daimyos
What does "The Tale of the Heike" describe?
A female minamoto samurai
During Japan's feudal age, what religious teachings simplified and gave rise to many religious groups?
Who is Jinmu Tenno?
A samurai warrior who was emperor of the first generation.
Where was Jinmu Tenno from?
Takachiho in Hyguga Land
Where was he enthroned?
Yamato Land
Who is Jingu Kogo?
A woman samurai warrior who is empress of 14th century Chuai.
what were the 2 court families in the samurai time period?
the Taira and the Minamoto