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What would a gladiator say before they fought?
"Hail Emporor, those who are about to die salute you"
What was Octavian's other name?
What were the 2 species that were wiped out from the gladiatorial games?
The Mesopotamian lion, and the North African elephant.
How many years did the Pax Romana last for?
200 years.
What did rich Romans live in?
A Domus.
Who's an Emperor?
The absolute ruler of an empire.
What was a school of Rhetoric?
A writing and speech school that rich boys went to when they were 15.
What is a census?
A population count.
What did it mean to barter?
To exchange goods without using money.
How many years did Augustus rule for?
41 years
What was inflation?
A period of ever-increasing prices.
What are freedmen?
Gave enslaved or former enslaved people the chance to become part of the government.
Who were one of the Flavian Emperors?
Titus, Vespasian, and Domitian.
What were two main items brought from other countries?
Wine and olive oil.
Who were juris prudentes?
Special lawyers and legal writers who helped the judges.
What is a tariff?
Taxes placed on goods brought into the country.
By what year was law standerdized?
125 AD.
Who was Marcus Aurelius's son?
What kind of a personality did Commodus have?
Very cruel and people hated him.
What was an Island?
Apartment houses that were 6 or more stories high.