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Geography of Rome
o Italy
o Alps and Apennine Mountaubs
o Po River
o Tiber River
o Mediterranean Sea
o Adriatic Sea
City of Rome
o Centrally located
o Built on seven hills
o Located in the Tiber
o Founded in 753 BCE
o Two twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, raised by a wolf, founded a city, Romulus kills Remus, becomes king of Rome
• Creates a noble and notable past for the city of Rome
o Greeks move north from southern Italy
o Greeks had permanent settlements in Italy
o Etruscans move into region, mostly in northern Italy
o Around 650 BCE, Etruscans began to move further south, eventually move south of Rome and control Latium, which is good for growing crops
o Come into contact with the Greeks; adopt Greek written language, styles of pottery, architecture, etc.
o In 400 BCE, the Etruscans are defeated by the Greeks, forced to move back into northern Italy, limited to city of Etruria
o When the Etruscans are conquered by the Romans, the Romans adopt some of the Etruscans things, which are originally form the Greeks
Early Rome (The City)
o Controlled by a series of seven kings
• The last three are probably Etruscan
o For about 100 years, the Etruscans ruled over the city of Rome
o Etruscans live within cities and build walled cities
What aspects of Greek culture did the Etruscans adopt?
• Alphabet
• Military strategies
• Art and architecture
How did the Etruscans build the foundations of Rome?
• Established the public arena that would become the forum
• Built the first roads
• Built temples, market, shops, streets, and houses
How did the Etruscans influence the Roman Empire?
o Toga and cloak
o Insignia of Etruscan king is the insignia of the Roman magistrates
o Fasces (a bundle of rods containing an ax with a projecting blade, carried in front of magistrates in ancient Rome) used as a symbol of power; symbol adopted from Etruscans
The Rise of Rome
o City is founded in 753 BCE
o Etruscans depart around 400 BCE
o Rome is surrounded by enemies
o By 340 BCE Rome has crushed the Latin States
o By 200 BCE Rome had conquered most of Italy
The Roman State
o Laws were developed as a problem arose
o Not concerned with creating the “ideal” state
o Distrusted kingships
o Established a different kind of government
• Served as chief executive officers of the Republic
• Two consuls
• Elected every year
• Could only serve one out of every 10 years
• Ran the government
• Led the army into battle
• Elected every year
• In charge of civil law as it applied to citizens
• As territory expanded additional praetors were added to deal with conflicts related to non-citizens
• Elected for one year
• In charge of finances
• Administered the treasury
• Elected for one year
• In charge of maintenance and repair of public buildings
Tribunes of the Plebs
• Ten elected from the plebeians for one year
• Summoned and presided over meetings of the council
• Council of the plebes
• Legislative body
• Established in 471 BCE
• Resolutions were binding for all citizens (287 BCE)
• Two elected every 18 months
• Responsible for taking a census of property and citizens