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Invade and introduce Christianity
Angels and Saxons
Invade Germany
Battle of Hastings
October 1066;William of normandy defeats King of England. William wanted to rule the Anglo-Saxons. He unified the country.
Males above the serf class were required to train as knights. Had to follow very strict social codes.
Courtly Love
Knights would adore one lady (Not Wife). Believed it would make the knight braver if he wore her colors into battle. There was no sex and was a great source for stories.
thomas a Becket
Henry II ordered his knight to kill him.
The Black Death
1348-1349:Spread by fleas from rats. 1/3 of the population died. This ended feudalism and caused the rise of the middle class.
The death of the knight
Ended with the end of feudalism. Gunpowder took away the need for chivalry and swords. More people moved to the city and found jobs.
Legends and myths ruled their world