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What led to the growth and development of Venice's trade?
Because the land was not very fertile, the early Venetians had to depend on the sea for a living. Venice became a leading port, and its merchants learned to read and write, use money, keep records, and develop a banking system.
How did the location of Flanders help it become an important trading center?
It had many rivers, a seacoast, and water deep enough for harbors.
How did the Flemish develop an international industry?
Flemish traders relied on English shepherds for wool, which they sent to Flanders to be made into cloth. The finished cloth was then shipped back to England.
What do you think would be attractive about living in a trading town during the Middle Ages?
Your answer should include specific examples of life in medieval towns.
Define "fairs"
special gatherings for trade
Define "burgs"
medieval towns
Why did nobles sponsor fairs?
Because they collected taxes on sales.
Where did merchants set up their marketplaces?
Along a trade route near waterways or road crossings, and close to a castle or monastery
How did merchants contribute to the growth of towns.
Most of the towns developed from merchant settlements.
Define "burghers"
rich merchants
Define "communes"
political groups
define "charters"
documents allowing towns to run their own affairs
What were some of the problems faced by medieval towns?
They were overcrowded, unhealthy, and dirty.
What changes did burghers want to make in feudal laws?
They wanted to run their own affairs and to have their own courts and laws.
What laws or regulations would you have written to further improve conditions in medieval towns?
regulations to relieve overcrowding, to plan for growth, and to determine disposal of sewage