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What was an innovative news establishment set up in 1948 to provide system dissemination of news to publications of different political leanings, which, in turn, force the AP to be non-partisan??
The Associated Press
Who used his newspaper empire to promote war with Spain, using sensationalism as his method?
William Randolph Hearst
What era signalled the beginning of mass politics and a large electorate?
Yellow Journalism
In the mid 19th century, several magazines were among the first to focus on public-policy issues. What were they?
Atlantic, Harper's, and the Nation.
Who was the first to use a term in a political sense? and What was the term?
Teddy Roosevelt
What became the first medium which allowed public officials to reach the public in a relatively unfiltered way?
Who is the only official who gets television coverage as a matter of routine?
The President
What brought about another transformation in American Journalism, in that it provides instant communication between voters and political activists?
The Internet
What became the least competitive sector of the media market?
The Major City Newspapers
Politicians obviously use the media, but the media use them as well, but for what?
They use them for both entertainment and information.
What are two examples of local newspapers which have acquired national readerships?
The New York Times, & The Washington Post
When the national media influences what subjects become national political issues, it is playing the role of what?
The Gatekeeper
The national media can prevent some politicians from winning office by simply not covering their campaigns by playing the role of what?
The Scorekeeper
What rols does the media play when they pick one candidate as the winner of a debate, or they report on how close, or lopsided, the race is?
They are playing the Scorekeeper.
By exposing scandals, or irregularities in a campaign, or a candidate's past, the media plays the role of what?
They play the role of the Watchdog.
Compared to the print media what was the most competitive and more strictly regulated?
The Broadcast Media
Who believes in their right to conceal their sources in reference to a crime?
Only those in the media can.
To renew, a broadcast station you must demonstrate what?
How it plans to serve the needs of the community.
The Fairness Doctrine, was obligated by the broadcasters to do what?? and it was abolished in 1987.
It was to present contrasting sides of controversial public issues.
Candidates for local office usually don't advertise on TV because for them it is simple what?
Not Cost-Effective.
What candidate is more likely to advertise on TV than one for the House, because the former's constituency is more wide-spread geographically?
The Senate is more likely to.
In the presidential elections throughout the 20th century, most local newspapers have favored who in all but one instance?
The Republican
What is a factor which limits the short-term effect of radio and TV on voters, according to psychologists?
The Selective Attention.
The media will have the greatest influence on the national political agenda when?
When the issue is one with which people have little personal experience.
Who was the first president to rais this practice to an art form?
Teddy Roosevelt
What has turned the Senate into an incubator of presidential candidates?
The Television
Americans get most of their news from what?
The Television
How many people read newspapers than watch TV?
Far Fewer
What stories are those which are least likely to be influenced by the political attitudes of the journalist?
Routine stories
What issued is the aspect of news reporting on which the political ideology of journalists is most likely to come into play?
The issue of which stories to cover
What is a type of news story that is most likely to raise questions concerning the motives of the source?
An Insider Story
What typical source is not identified by name?
Background Stories
Who made the mistake of attackng the media publicily rather than privately?
Richard nixon