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What did the Europeans think about the world?
They thought that the earth was flat and their continent was the only one that existed
They also feared the sea of darkness,which was the..
Atlantic Ocean
What helped the mariner's to detect how near land was?
A mariner's compass
What was the mariner's compass made of and what did it show on it?
It was made of steel or wood and showed the direction of land close to them.
Describe the mariner's compass.
It was merely a piece of magnetized iron fixed in wood or cork floating in a bowl of water.
Who were the first set of navigators?
Who was the King of the Portugueese in that time?
Prince Henery
Name the areas the Portugueese sailed to and started trade with.
West Africa,Azores,Madeira,Canary Isands.
Who were the first set to take Africans as slaves?
The portugueese
How did the portugueese come in contact with the Indians?
It was their alternative path since it was block by the Turks to Africa.
Who was Colombus?
He was born in the Italian port of Genoa and became an explorer who took a keen interest in what he did.
Who did Colombus turn to,to get support for his voyage after being turned down by the Portugueese?
Esabella and King Ferdinand-the king and queen of Spain.
Name two things the natives did to impress the Europeans
trade,dancing and their naked women
Name two reasons Colombus would be dissapointed by his first woyage?
1.The Pinta was destroyed and he had to leave some of his men behind.2.the island had no spices,jewels,rich clothes or gold
What would Colombus be pleased about on his first voyage?
-he found new land to conquer and name
-he found souls to be won for the Christian church
Name some reasons for Colombus' voyage.
2.Empire expansion
3.the growth of Christianity
Name the three ships Colombus took on his voyage
Pinta,Nina and Santa Maria
Name Colombus' flagship(slowest and most awkward)
Santa Maria
What is the significance of Palos on August 3,1492?
the new Spanish admiral (Colombus) set sail to the Canary Islands from there.
Who sighted land on friday 12th ,October 1492 whilw keeping watch and what did he say?
Rodrigo de Triana ,he said "Tierra,tierra"
Give some other names for Guanahani which was the native name.
Walting Island,Bahamas-the modern name,San Salvador which is the spanish name meaning Holy Saviour.
Why was the name San Salvador given to the island by Colombus?
He thought he had finally reached the Eastern end where he had found land to prove everybody back at home wrong.
Who were the brown skinned,almost naked inhabitants of this new found territory?
Why did Colombus think that he was in the Indies?
Because of the appearance of the natives(texture hair)
When did Colombus first discover that gold was on the island of the Bahamas?
when he saw one of the natives with a gold nugget in her nose.
What was the roote Columbus and his men took on their first voyage?
Name 5 Spanish occupations
1.Cattle ranchers
4.small farmers
What was the name of Christopher Colombus' brother?
In what year was Bartholomew left in charge of Hispaniola and what did he do there?
In 1496 he built a line of forts from a new Spanish headquarters which started at Santo Domingo.
Who was sent by Queen Isabella to Hispaniola with special powers to act on her behalf?
When and where did Colombus die?
In Spain,May 1506
After studying where Colombus had discovered they realized it was not East India and so they named it..
The New World
Who is a Cabildo?
A spaniard in charge of the countryside who came from the wealthiest and most powerful families.
Who were the Spaniards?
Men who came from Spain living in the New World
Men sent from Spain on expeditions in the new world were called?
What is a repartimiento?
a distribution of 30 natives placed under the encomondero
What was a spanish contract granted to a conquistador which gave them the right to conquer territories?
a capiculacion
Who is an encomondero?
a spaniard in charge of the repartimiento
What is an adelantado?
A title given to a conquistador to become governor of the conquered territory and to own land and collect custom duties on all fishing and trading.
Which town was founded by Diego Valasquez what was it's importance ?
Santiago in Cuba and it was to be the new base for exploration of the new world
Which territory waas renamed New Spain?
Who had by September 1520,conquered the Aztec empire?
Herman Cortes
In what year did_______ ______ capture the Inca capital at Cuzco and replace it with a new spanish town?
In 1535,Francisco Pizarro.
What name did Francisco Pizarro give to the new spanish town on the coast?
Where was refered to as the mainlands and what did it produce ?
Mexico and Peru.Vast amounts of gold and silver far more than Cuba and Spain