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intrique (n)
to intrigue (v)
(n) a secret scheme or plot
(v) to engage in a secret scheme or plot or to arouse interest or curiosity in something.
intrigued (adj) interested, curious.
"The children rode their bicycles to the riverbank and watched, intrigued, the unloading and then the takeoff [of the airplanes].
palpable (adj)
easily touched or felt; easily perceived or obvious
"He remembered the palpable, stomach-sinking terror when the aircraft streaked overhead."
distraught (adj)
agitated, irritated, insane
defiant (adj)
resistant to authority or rules, rebellious
ritual (n)
ceremony or custom
aptitude (n)
ability, talent or intelligence
chastisement (n)
punishment or severe scolding
"Lily would have to learn that or else she would be called in for chastisement because of her insensitive chatter."
droning (adj)
to drone (v)
(adj) continuous humming sound;
(v) to make a continuous humming sound
hoarded (to hoard)(v)
to indulge or eat greedily
"This a reminder that food is to be eaten, not hoarded."
appropriate (adj)
suitable, fitting
leisurely (adj, adv)
serene (adj)
calm, peaceful
nuisance (n)
dwelling (n)
a place to live, a home
indulgent (adj)
indulgently (adv)
"At every other public ceremony the audience was silent and attentive. But once a year they all smiled indulgently at the commotion of the littles ones waiting to receive their names and families.
to hover (v)
to remain suspended, floating in air; to remain close to a place; to be in an uncertain state of mind.
"Even Jonas, though he didn't hover over the little one the way Lily and his father did, he was glad that Gabe had not been released.
transgressions (n)
violations of a law, command or duty.
His transgressions were small ones: shoes on the wrong feet, schoolwork misplaced, failure to study adequately for a quiz.
acquisition (n)
to aquire (v)
to gain something
piecemeal (adv)
bit by bit, in small pieces
"The applause was piecemeal now, not the crescendo of united enthusiasm of before."
humilate (v)
humiliation (n)
(v)to embarrass or shame
(n) embarrassment, shame