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to gibe, a gibe
to taunt or tease someone, to put someone down (v)

a gibe: taunting words, a put down (n)
From the first day of school, the short, thin boy had to endure the gibes of the bigger boys.
gushing; a way of expressing oneself with great or excessive emotion or enthusiasm. (adj)
Mom praised me effusively for my good grades.
1. an English gold coin issued from the mid-1600's to the early 1800's.
2. a unit value equal to one pound and one shilling.
grand, majestic, having great dignity. (adj)
The august chief of the Indian tribe offered food and shelter to the explorers.
a clear, precise way of expressing oneself using only a few words.
Because the teacher's explanations were succinct I could understand easily.
a formal or elegant letter; found in books such as the Bible. (n)