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What were the goals of the KKK? Identify the Congressional laws that were designed to protect citizens from racial violence.
Answer -Destroy the Republican Party. Throw out the Reconstruction governments, to aid the planer class in controlling African American laborers, and to prevent African Americans from exercising their political rights.
How did the Amnesty Act of 1872 strengthen Democratic power?
Answer - This act returned the right to vote and the right to hold federal and sate offices to about 160,000 former Confederates- who would vote Democratic. About 500 of the highest ranking Confederate leaders did not regain their political rights under this act. The Freedmen's Bureau to expire, believing that it fulfilled its purpose.
Identify the instances of scandal and corruption in President Grant's administration.
Credit Mobilier affair - a construction company had skimmed off outrageously large profits from a gov railroad contract. Scandel included several leading republicans including Grant's first vice pres. Schuyler Colfax.
-Whiskey RIng - internal revenue collectors and other officials who wanted to avoid paying taxzes on their product. Grant private secretary General Orville E Babcock. Grant let him escape conviction
-1876 Secretary of War William W Belknap accepted bribes from merchants who wanted to keep their profitable trading concessions in Indiana territory. House of REp imeached Belknap.
What was the role of the Liberal Republicans in the presidential election of 1872?
THey werew Missouri Republicans angered by corruption and scandel in gov. They wanted an honest gov and formed Liberal Republicans in 1872. THey tried to weaken the Radicals hold over the Republican Party. The break down of republican unity made it hard for Radicals to impose reconstruction plan over the south.
What were the causes of the Panic of 1873?
The economy had been expanding since the end of the Civil War, so that investors became convinced that business profits would continue to increase indefinately. Northern and Southern investeros borrowed enormous amounts of money and buildt new facilites quickly. A philiy banker named Jay cooke invested heavily in reailroads. Not enough investors bought shares of Cooke's railroad lines. Cooke's bank the nations largest went bankrupt setting up financial failures. in a year 89 railroads were bankrupt and three million people lost jobs.
Why did people who were in debt want greenbacks to stay in circulation?
Southern and Western farmers and manufactures who were in debt wanted the gov. to issue even more greenbacks. They believed that "easy money" large supply of money would help them pay off their debts.
List the major Supreme Court cases made in the 1870s and show how they undermined the 14th. and 15th. Amendments to the U. S. Constitution.
Slaughterhouse case of 1873 - Concluded that the amendment didn't protect the rights of interstate travel and the right to federal protection
when traveling on high seas and abroad. Most civil rights were obtained through their citizenship in a state. ONly states protected those rights.
- US. vs Cruikshank in 1876 the Fourteenth Amendment didn't give the federal gov. the right to punish individual whites who oppressed blacks.
- US vs Reese Fifteenth Ammendment didn't confer the right of suffrage on anyone but merely listed grounds on which states cound't deny suffrage.
How did the scandals in the Grant administration and the economic problems of the 1870s affect Northern attitudes toward Reconstruction?
They just wanted reconciliation between the regions. They started to turn against Reconstruction policies. They believed that the government couldn't impose moral and social changed needed for former slaves to make progress in the SOuth.
Describe the dispute in the presidential election of 1876.
Tilden fell one short of the number of electoral votes needed to win and 20 electoral votes were disputed. Congress appointed a commision (which had a majority of Republicans) to deal with the problem. They gave the election to Rebulican Hayes, even though he lost the popular vote.
How did the Compromise of 1877 resolve the disputed 1876 election?
-Compromise of 1877 was that they wanted withdrawl of federal troops in Louisiana and South Carolina two of the tree Southern sates that Republicans still governed. They also wanted federal money to build a railroad, improve Southern rivers, harbors, and bridges. They also wanted Hayes to appoint a conservative Southerner to the cabinet. This compromise ment the end of REconstruction in the SOuth.
-Redemption as Democrats called their return to power int ehSoutha nd politcal deal made during the nation election of 1876 congressional Reconstruction came to an end
What major mistakes did the Radical Republicans make in their attempts to help the former slaves during Reconstruction?
They assumed that extending citizenship, suffrage, and other civil rights to freed persons would enable them to protect themselves through participation in government, especially law making
- The radicals balked at giving land to former slaves so that they could become economically independent of the landowning planter class.
- Radicals didn't fully realize how much deep seated racism in society would weaken social and educational changes the Congress tried to make
Successes of Reconstruction
-African Americans only a few years removed from slavery, had participated at all levels of government.
- State governments had some success in solving social problems, like funding public school system open to all citizens
-African Americans established insititutions that had been denied them during slavery, schools, churches, and families.
Rutherford B. Hayes
Answer - Republican governor of Ohio how ran for the election of 1876 and won
Samuel J. Tilden
Democrate Governor of New York ran for election of 1876 and lost
home rule
the ability to run state governments without federal intervention
Crédit Mobilier Affair