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Who is Alfred Wagener?
A scientist who propsed the Theory of Continental Drift.
What was his speech in 1912 about?
presented evidence that the continents were at one time a coninuous land mass and that all the continents might once have been joined.But have drifted apart.
What is the evidence to support this theory?
1. Continental shelves fit together like a puzzle. 2.Fossil remains of certain species of plants and animals were found on separate continents. 3.Climate of many parts of the world has changed over time.
Define Continental shelf.
An underwater part of a continent that extends under shallow water from the edge of land down to a steeper slope.
Define Pangaea.
A super continent. "All land"
Define Theory of Continental Drift.
the continents were once on landmass that had broken apart and moved to their present positions.
Define Theory of Plate Tectoncis.
The Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into enormous slabs called plates.
Define Tectonic Plates
Another name for the slabs that make up Earth's crust and upper mantle.
Define mantle.
the layer of Earth between
the crust and the core.
middle layer of Earth.
Define Crust.
the Earth's outer most layer.
Define plate boundaries.
A place where the plates that make up Earth's crust and upper mantle either move together or apart or past one another
How do the plates interact?
1. They can come together.
2. move apart
3. slide past one another.
Identify the seven major tectonic plates.
North American Plate.
South American Plate
African Plate, Eruasian Plate, Indo-Arutralian Plate, Antarctic Plate, Pacific Plate.
What does SONAR stand for? What is it used for?
SONAR= Sound Navigation And Ranging.
It is used to map the ocean floor.
Define magnetic field.
Area around a magent where the effects of magnetism are felt. The force of the magnet is felt in this space.
Define magnetic reversal.
the switching or changing of Earth's magnetic pole such that the north magnetic pole becomes located at the south magnetic pole's position and vice versa.
Define sea floor spreading.
the process by which new ocean floor is continually being formedas magma rises to the surface and hardens into rock.
Define mid-ocean ridge.
a chain of mountains under the ocean.
How are earthquakes, volcanoes, and tectonic plates connected?
Earthquakes and volcanoes often occur at plate boundaries. Tectonic plates have their boundaries here also. (remember the Earth rockin' and Rollin'!)
Why have scientists found evidence of glaciers in warm places such as Africa?
Theory of Continental Drift. The land was once one big land mass but have moved apart.