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Who is John Wallis and what is his known contribution to Deaf Education?
Wallis is known as the "Father of the Writing Method" in Deaf Education. He advocated writing as the only successful method of education; therefore, fingerspelling, gesturing, and lip-reading was prohibited.

Wallis was a geometry professor at Cambridge University. His specialty was that of decoding messages.
Who is Dr. William Holder and what was his main belief and contribution to the education of the deaf?
Considered a Pioneer in Deaf Education, Holder holds the title of the "Father of the Oral Method". He advocated that tongue manipulation was the only successful method in learning both speech and education.

He believed deafness was caused by an extreme tightness of the eardrum and would practice loud banging of drums for the purpose of "loosening the deaf student's eardrum" in order to "hear"
Who is John Baker and why is he noted for his contribution to Deaf Education?
Baker was a private tutor of the young deaf in England. He is known both for charging high fees for his services and for keeping his education methods tightly guarded for his own livlihood.

(most noted for work with an 8-yr old girl)
Who is John Konrad Amman and what was his contribution to educating the deaf in Europe?
Amman was a Dutchman, author of "The Origins of Speech".

He believed speech was a divine origin; thus, every deaf person could learn to imitate speech.

He was a big advocate of Lip-Reading
What book was written by Dr. William Holden, a pastor in England?
"Elements of Speech"