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a process whereby people acquire capabilities to aid in the achievement of org. goals.
1) Assessment
2) Design
3) Delivery
4) Evaluation
Training Process
Learning styles, design for transfer, learner readiness, Learning
Elements of training design
a person's belief that he/she can successfully learn the training program content
the performance of job-related tasks and duties by trainees during training
active practice
several practice sessions spaced over a period of hours or days
spaced practice
the performance of all of the practice at once.
massed practice
copying someone else's behavior
behavior modeling
people tend to repeat responses that give them some type of positive reward and avoid actions associated with negative consequences
the concept that people learn best if reinforcement and feedback is given after training
immediate confirmation
the planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, co-workers, and the organization.
training that occurs through interactions and feedback among employees
informal training
prepare the learners, present the information, trainees practice, do follow-up
stages for on-the-job training