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Which age group has the highest rate of completed suicides?
Suicide attempts?
Greatest increase in suicide rates recently?
Elderly (65+)
Attempts = 22-44
Increase: Teenagers & young adults
What family factor correlates most with altruism?
Having younger siblings
What is the term "quid pro quo" in family tx related to?
Communication techniques: refers to expectations spouses have of one another
What effect do NT's have on postsynaptic cells?
Excite or Inhibit
What are neuromodulators?
NT's that increase or decrease the sensitivity of neurons to other NTs
How long should you wait between administrations of the WAIS-III in order to retest validly?
9 months
What should you do if a former client is requesting records sent to a new therapist, but owes you money?
Attempt to contact her and discuss it. Don't give therapist the bill. OK to try to get her number from the new therapist.
In a court-ordered evaluation, what are important guidelines for communicating results?
1. Make sure you explained purpose of eval, etc.
2. If suspect dissents, refer to his lawyer for advice
3. Don't include data / observations that don't bear directly on legal purpose of the eval
What is an eigenvalue in factor analysis?
How much variance is explained by one of the factors
Which two NTs have been linked to Alzheimer's Disease?
Acetylcholine and L-glutamate
Which attachment style is the strongest predictor of aggresseive or deviant behavior in the classroom?
Disorganized / Disoriented Attachment - 71% of aggressive pre-schoolers were classified with disorganized / disoriented attachment
Describe four characteristics of tv portrayals of the elderly:
1. More physically fit than younger tv population
2. Health problems increase with age
3. Romantic involvement decreases in prime-time shows
4. ratings of authority and esteem increase with age, mostly for older males on talk shows or news programs
Of people dx'd with Alc Dependence, what percentage will experience severe complications (DT, grand mal seizures) with Withdrawal
What is the risk for ADHD for a child or a parent who had this dx as a kid? For the identical twin of a kid so dx'd?
57% - parent-child
80% - monozygotic twin (for hyperactivity and impulsivity)
Define Depersonalization
Feeling of being detatched from your mental processes but with intact reality testing.
Compare the validity of the Rorschach vs. MMPI:
They're roughly equivalent
MMPI is more highly correlated with psych dx and self-report sx; Rorschach is more highly correlated with objective criterion variables
Describe Daniel Ilgen's observations of recent trends in organizations / Org Psych research
Increased reliance on teams. Critical change is re-engineering work around teams rather than individual jobs. Less research on small groups, more research on task-performaning teams embedded in organizations
Describe research on the severity of violence in schools:
Media overstates the problem. Youth crime has decreased over years. Chance of any person being killed in school is .05 for every 100,000 students.
What are IQ cutoffs for "gifted" classification for most schools? What type of skill is found to be enhanced in gifted students?
2 SD's above mean (130+/-3)
Metacognitive skills - awareness of cognitive processes and ability to evaluate cog strategies
What are the four stages of Cross's Nigerescence (Black Racial Identity) theory?
Pre-Encounter, Encounter, Immersion/Emersion, Internalization/Commitment
Most common dx for inpatients aged 18-44?
If the court contract with you to evaluate and make recommendation for child custody but you are only able to phone interview one of the parents (they're out of state), what should you do?
Present findings but withhold recommendation. Draw conclusions / make recommendations only based on complete evaluations of all relevant parties.
What are three risk factors associeted with adolescent suicide risk?
Depression (the most frequently reported), Interpersonal conflict (often an immediate trigger of suicide completions),
Exposure to suicidal b/h
Describe 4 Rape Myths:
1. They have a seasonal pattern (they occur throughout year)
2. They occur between strangers (75% of victims knew their rapist before
3. They are impulsive acts (75% rapes are planned)
4. Rapists get sexually aroused (many have impaired sexual functioning during rape attempts)
Name and describe 3 interventions that have been designed specifically for working with the elderly
1. Reminiscence Therapy (RT): review and reminisce important life events with clietn.
2. Reality Orientation (RO): Incorporate techniques to prevent or reverse cognitive impairments and maximize remaining capabilities.
3. Validation Therapy (VT): acknowledge and empathize with client's feelings whether or not they are reality based.
Which brain part is associated with the following functions:
1. "Satisfaction center" (after eating and sex)
2. "Learning and memory consolidation"
3. "Consciousness and arousal"
4. "Muscle tone and fine motor control"
1. Cingulate gyrus
2. hippocampus
3. reticular activating system
4. basal ganglia
Define the following social psych "biases":
1. False Consensus Bias
2. Negativity Bias
3. Base Rate Fallacy
4. Primacy Effect
1. Overestimation of extent to which others are similar to us
2. Tendency to feel more confident in negative impressions of others than positive impressions.
3. Tendency to ignore the frequency with which events occur in the population when estimating probability of such event occuring
4. The "First Impression" rule: when presented with conflicting info about someone, we usually are most influenced by the information presented first.
What is Super's Arch of Career Determination?
Describes the psychological and socio-economic factors that shape one's career
Describe Alderfer's theory of motivation
ERG Theory: Existence, Relatedness, Growth. (reduction of maslow's) People can be motivated by more than one need at a time, people don't necessarily progress from lower to higher levels
What is the elaboration-likelihood model?
A cognitive model of attitude change; central vs. peripheral persuasion
What are the two most common precipitants of smoking relapse:
1. Smoking cues in environment
2. Negative Affect
Describe depression in elderly patients (compared to younger)
1. More Memory problems
2. More expressed anxiety
3. More expressed hopelessness
4. Less expressed sadness
Identify the brain parts associated with the following:
1. OCD sx
2. attention / arousal
3. auditory reflexes
4. Depression and Panic Disorder
1. Caudate Nucleus
2. Reticular Activating System
3. Inferior Colliculus
4. Locus Coreruleus
What factor has one of the highest correlations with smoking cessation outcome?
Level of Dependence (quantity, not nec duration)
Which phenomena characterize the first, second, and third stages of Alzheimer's
Vary from person to person, but:
1st: depression and anomia
irritability and anger
2nd: Paranoia & labile mood
3rd: Apathy and emotional blunting
What are the relative risk factors for a monozygotic twin vs. dizygotic twin for having schizophrenia when the other has it?
46% (mono) vs. 17% (di) (about 2.5 times greater)
At what age to children consistently use rehearsal strategies?
9 or 10 (they can apply them to a specific task when taught to in 1st grade, but this won't generalize)
What type of parenting leads to anxious-avoidant attachment patterns?
Impatient/Nonresponsive or smothering
Describe Sue and Sue's theory of minority worldview
Minorities (internalizing ethnic identity): internal locus of control & external locus of responsibility
Westerners: internal locus of control and responsibility
Marginalized (oppressed): external locus of control & internal locus of responsibility
Passive, Placaters: external loci of control & responsibility
Identify three sx of temporal lobe damage:
1. auditory perception,
2. changes in sexual behavior
3. anterograde amnesia
Four parts of spinal cord and what do they innervate?
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral. C8- ring and little fingers; T1: hand and arm; L1: hip, thigh, leg; T2-T3: trunk; S1-S3: parts of foot and leg
Where is the Somatosensory Cortex? The Motor Cortex?
1. Parietal Lobe, Post-Central Gyrus
2. Frontal Lobe, Pre-Central Gyrus
Which part of the brain is implicated in prosopagnosia?
Bilateral Occiptotemporal area
Describe the Crow's Distinction between Type I and Type II Schizophrenia
Type I: Includes positive sx (hallucinations, delusions, inapp affect, disorganized thinking) and is thought to be related to NT irregularities.
Type II: worse prognosis, beings more in adolescence, and nonresponsive to meds; thought to stem from structural abnormalities in brain
Which part of the brain regulates Circadian Rhythms?
Superchiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) in the hypothalamus. Relays light info from retina to pineal gland which increases melatonin at night or decreases it during day.
Three purposes of Kegel exercises...
Prep for birth
enhancing sexual enjoyment
(strengthens vaginal walls)
Describe Expectancy Theory:
Motivation = fx(expectancy X valence X instrumentality).
Valence: how important an outcome is to the actor
Expectancy: belief that effort will pay off in performance
Instumentality: extent to which good performance leads to desired outcome
What differences between men and women in terms of leadership style have been found in research?
Men - autocratic
Women - participatory
What type of factors would a high-achiever attribute failures to?
Internal, unstable, controllable (e.g. effort). Stability is key -
What are the five stages of Atkinson, Morten & Sue's minority development model?
1. Conformity
2. Dissonance
3. Resistance & Immersion
4. Introspection
5. Synergistic articulation and awareness
What type of symptom is an out-of-body experience?
Dissociative (depersonalization)
What is concurrent validity?
Accuracy of a predictor in identifying current outcome or status
Which substance is associated with grand mal seizures during withdrawal? What percentage of people have the seizures?
Alcohol Withdrawal
In principal components analysis, what should the relationship between identified underlying components be?
Independence - no correlation
Define Percentile Rank, Norm-Referenced Score, and Standard Score?
Percentile Rank: percentage of scores that fell below yours
Norm-Referenced: a score interpreted in comparison to others that have taken the same test.
Standard Score: type of norm-referenced score interpreted in terms of standard deviation units (e.g. z, or t)
What types of therapy are often indicated for use with clients of hispanic origin?
Family tx, directive, focused problem-solving approach
Nine factors that are good prognostic indicators in schizophrenia?
Late-Onset (after 30)
Abrupt Onset
Family Hx of Mood D/o
no premorbid personality disturbance
adequate premorbid social fxing
events that precipitated sx