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a behavior or appearance that follows and maintains the standards of a group.
social control
includes the methods used to teach, persuade, or force people to comply with norms and expectations.
reactions or responses of approval or disapproval to another's behvior or appearances
US gov officials delayed release of congressional report on 9-11 for seven months and when the report was released some sections related to Saudi Arabia were balckened out. What mechanism of social control is this known as?
Telephone tapping, interception of letters, observations via close circuit television, and electronic monitoring.
the US
What country has the highest incarceration rate in the world?
People who have not violated rules of a group and are treated accordingly.
A witch hunt
After 9-11 Muslims and Arab Americans have been caught up in a criminal investigation of historical proportions. From a sociologists point of view this criminal investigation would be considered a?
1.2 billion
How many people live on less than 1$ per day.
A systematic
Social stratification is ____________ process in wich individuals, groups, and places categorized and ranked on a scale of social worth.
Life chances
includes everything from the chance to stay alive during the first year of life to the chance to go to college.
the US
If we confine our analysis to the worlds 25 wealthiest countries, the inequality gap between the richest 10% and the poorest 10% is greatest in what country?
Ascribed characteristics
Attributes that people have at birth, develop over time, or possess through no effort or fault of their own.
Acheived characteristics
Attributes tha people acquire through some combination of choice, effort, and ability.
a caste system of stratification
people rise and fall on the strength of their abilities
Ideally, in a class system of stratification
black and hispanic households are disproportionately concentrated in lower-income categories.
Income profiles for households classified as white, black, hispanic show that
a combination of class and caste systems
Most systems of stratification, including the US system, are
the term for continuing economic dependence on former colonial powers
Pay equity
inolves paying men and women who work in the same firm and the same occupation equally
The UN calculates that a ___ percent levy on the richest 225 people could provide for the base needs of the world's 1.2 billion poorest people
What is not one of the six official racial categories in the US?

DOES include:
Race and ethnic classification are a product of three factors. Those factors include all but what?
any race
According to the US system of racial classification, hispanics can/should be classified as?
lack of access to and control over valued resources
the key characteristic determining minority status is
the physical and/or social separation of categories of people from one another.
the process by which individuals give up parts of their own culture to adapt o and be accepted by a new dominant culture
was coined in early colonial times when the fur traders offered bounties for the scalps of literally the red skins of slaughtered indians
the term "redskin"
prejudice is an attitude, discrimination a behavior
distinguish between prejudice and discrimination
it overshadows all other attributes that a person might possess.
a stigma is considered discrediting because...
government regulated economies
what characteristic is not a characteristic of capitalism?
public ownership
a conerstone of a socialist economic system
oil revenues
iraq's economy is heavily dependent on?
World-system theorists argue that continous economic expansion on a global scale is
The vietnamese economy is very vulnerable of price fluxuations. For example, the country managed to become the third largest producer of coffee beans when prices were around $3.00 per pound only to see the price drop to less than 50 cents. The vulnerability explains why Vietnam is classified as a ____________ economy.
economies that include the wealthiest, most highly diversified economies with strong stable governments.
The worlds most heavily indebted country
debts that are the "personal" debts of a particular regime contracted without the consent of the people and spent in ways that are against their interests
the US can not be classified as?
that generate or extract raw materials from the natural environment
the primary sector of the economy includes economic activities
delivering services
"A strong tertiary sector" of the economy means that economic activity related to _____________ is very important.
Most people in the US work in the _________ sector of the economy.
an oligopoly
In the US, three foreign-owned corporations control 90% of technical, medical, and scientific publishing. This situation describes?
when a single producer dominates a market, a ________ exists.
________ is the probability that an individual can acheive his or her will even against another individual's opposition.
A "chief, king, or queen" possesses power based on which form of authority?
charismatic authority
which kind of authority did MLK jr hold?
authority rests on a system of impersonal rules that formally specify the qualifications for occupying a powerful position.
fertility rate
the average number of children a woman bears in her lifetime
selective forgetting
some societies trace family lineage through the maternal or the paternal side only. This practice is known as?
Sara marries someone of the same religion as herself. She has followed the norm of?
Productive work
the "means of existence, food, clothing, and shelter and tools" relates to?
A husban, his wife and their 2-year-old son are travelling by plane. The husband is holding his screaming son. A male passenger turns around and remarks "Why doesnt the mother take care of the baby?" The passenger is conveying his belief that women do the ________ work.
White, non Hispanic
In the US, children classified as ___________ are most likely to live in secure parental employment households.
At one time, before 1967, the US had laws prohibiting mrriages between people classified as white and black. Those laws enforced