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# The study of joints is
# Fibrous joints include:
# Which pubic joint will spread up to an inch during childbirth:
# Forensic specialists can use these bones to determine if someone is of Japanese descent:
# The hormone that causes softening of connective tissue, making up the joints is found during late pregnancy is:
6. Hyaline cartilage is found in:
synchondroses between the rib and sternum
# Muscle to bone:
# The trapeziometacarpal joint at base of the thumb is this type of joint:
saddle joint
# Which body movement straightens the angle of a joint
: extension
# To thrust the jaw forward is:
# Which arthritis is cause by an autoimmune attack:
rheumatoid arthritis
# To return fingers to anatomical position is:
____muscles are in the human body.
# Which connective tissue directly surrounds individual muscle cells:
# The attachment to stationary end of muscle is:
muscle origin
# Which produces most of force:
prime mover
# The exit point for the spinal nerve is:
intervertebral foramina
# Contraction of the external intercostals causes ribs to:
move up and outward during inspiration
# Which hernia occurs in men due to vessels and nerves passing to testes and maintaining a partial opening between muscle:
# The preferred way to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome is:
change the way the job is performed
# What is the common characteristic shared by muscle and nerve cells:
# Which layer of muscle connective tissue is the outermost:
# Which term refers to muscle cell itself:
# What is the glucose storage molecule in muscle cells:
# In the above question the glucose storage molecule can be found stored in this organ:
# Thin filaments are made up of:
# Which is not an ion involved in depolarizing the cell membrane:
A group of muscle fibers is stimulated to contract by:
somatic motor fibers
# The strength of muscle contraction can be increased by:
all the above !!! make sure you look this up!!
# Which ions are responsible for maintaining the electrical potential (the negative charge) of a muscle cell:
Na** and K*
# Which toxin causes spastic paralysis:
# The optimal length of muscle fibers before contraction starts is maintained by:
the central nervous system
# Which develops strength without changing muscle length:
# The ATP pathway that produces lactic acid as a waste product is:
anaerobic fermentation
# The increase in mitochondria and capillary density is observed more in:
endurance training
# Maybe connected by gap junctions and contraction may be modified by hormones or CO2 describes:
smooth muscles
# The role of titin (connectin) among muscle filaments are:
they run through the core of each thick filament and bind Z discs together
# Which muscle also uses norepinephrine as a transmitter:
smooth muscle
# The functional unit of a muscle is:
esticides cause paralysis by:
binding to AChE and preventing ACh breakdown
# The binding of ACh to receptors causes this action:
opening of chemical channels on the motor end plate
# The main role of T tubules in smooth muscle cells is:
there are none in smooth muscle
# Rigor mortis makes a body stiff after death, it is due to:
lack of ATP to pump Ca** back into sarcoplamic reticulum
# You can generate most muscle tissue and lift the greatest weight if:
the muscle being used is ½ extended
# Complete tetanus of a muscle (such as muscle twitch experiment) would result if:
the frequency of stimulus is such that there is no time for recovery before the next stimulus
# Which is not a source of energy during exercise:
47. Which is a cause of fatigue:
all of these

!!!! remember to look this one up to!!!!
48. “Independent contraction, terminal nerve branches synapse on

individual myocytes, found in the largest arteries and pulmonary air passages” describes which type of smooth muscle:
multiunit smooth muscle
Desmosomes and gap junctions are found in the intercalated discs of this cell type:
cardiac muscle
# Reabsorption of calcium occurs in the:
# Which fracture is commonly found in children:
# Which of these Vitamin D that is activated in kidney:
# Lack of this hormone causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults:
# Granulation tissue formed during bone fracture healing is due to:
invasion of the area by fibroblasts and capillaries
# Best age for a woman to begin taking measures to prevent osteoporosis is:
# Antibodies mimicking thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), increase thyroid hormone, exophthalmos all describe:
Toxic goiter (Grave’s disease)
# Synovial fluid is made of hyaluronic acid and: