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If sunset is 20:21 and civil twilight ends at 20:43 when does SP stop? 20:21 20:43
Book says: 20:21 (sunset)

Could be wrong.
2123 How many passenegrs can a SP carry?
one two three
2061 Outside controlled airspace, what is minimum visibility for a SP between 1200 agl and 10k'.
1 or 3 miles?
3 miles
2078 Who is responsible to decide if a pilot is fit even if pilot has a current med cert? FAA Pilot Med examiner
2129 Must show pilot or med cert when requested by;
FAA administrator, NTSB, and?
federal, state, or local law enforcement officer
2141 If an inflight emergency requires immediate action, the pilot may:
a) deviate from Fars but send written report
B) deviate from FARs
c) not deviate from FARs
Deviate from FARs.
(only send a written report if one is asked for)