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THe three forms of authority presented by Weber?
Rational legal, traditional, Charismatic
P444 and 445
A political system that denies popular participation in government is called
Which of the following analyses of politics is closely linked to structural-functional theory?
Pluralist model
Common traits of revolutions are:
Rising expectations, unresponsive gov't, Radical leadership by intellectuals, establishing a new legitimacy
The organized, armed conflict among people of various nations, directed by their government, is called
Characteristics of Terrorim argued by Paul Johnson
Page 458
Approaches to Peace
1. Deterrance, 2. High Technology defense, 3. diplomacy and disarmament 4, REsolving underlying conflict
An analysis that explains politics in terms of the operation of a society's economic system is called
the Marxist model.
A highly centralized political system that extensively regulates people's lives is called
The close association of the federal government, the military, and defense industries is called
military-industrial complex.
People in urban areas typically vote
Democratic and those in rural areas Republican.
Routinization of charisma
is the transformation of charismatic authority into some combination of traditional and bureaucratic authority.
charismatic authority
power legitimized by extraordinary personal abilities that inspire devotion and obedience
Traditional authority is a source of strength for
patriarchy, the domination of women by men
The political life of the U.S., Canada and Europe is greatly shaped by the economic principles of
The key to Singapore's orderly environment is
the constant hand of the government.
A current political trend is
the growing wealth and power of multinational corporations that operate around the world.
One reason why so many people identify themselves as "moderates" on the political spectrum is
because most people are conservative on some issues and more liberal on other issues.
organization formed by a special interest group, independant of political parties, to raise and spend money in support of political goals
Power Elite MOdel
C WRight Mills p. 455
Marxist Political economy model
Marx P 456
Pluralist MOdel
A family unit that includes parents and children as well as other kin is called
the extended family.
Which of the following is not a residential pattern?
The family performs several tasks and operates as the backbone of society, according to the
structural-functional approach.
The family perpetuates social inequality, according to the
social-conflict approach.
The approach that depicts courtship and marriage as forms of negotiation is called
social-exchange approach.
Which of the following is not one of the alternative family forms discussed in this chapter?
domestic partnerships
Functions of the family according to the Structural Functional Analysis
Social Placement, Regulation of Sexual Activity, Material/emotional/financial security
Social-conflict analysis focuses on all of the following
racial and ethnic inequality., patriarchy., property and inheritance.
Marriage between people with the same social characteristics is
The sharing of a household by an unmarried couple is called
Macro-level analysis
explores how individuals shape and experience family life- Page 476 (SF, SE)
Research suggests that marriage provides more benefits for
men than women
The most serious problem for one-parent families, especially if that parent is a woman, is poverty.
All states have enacted marital rape laws that allow wives to charge husbands with rape.
The most common type of interracial married couple is
a white husband and an Asian wife.
Industrialization is the main reason why family size has
decreased over time.
That which people set apart as extraordinary, inspiring awe and reverence is
The idea that religion promotes social cohesion and conformity and confers meaning and purpose of life is in line with
structural-functional analysis.
The idea that religion is socially constructed and through various rituals people can sharpen the distinction between the sacred and the profane is in line with
symbolic-interaction analysis.
A fusion of Christian principles with political activism, often Marxist in character, is known as
liberation theology.
The belief that elements of the natural world are conscious life forms that affect humanity is called
The most widespread religion in the world is
The importance of religion in a person's life is known as
Baptists in the U.S. are most likely to have
a lower social standing.
The historical decline in the importance of the supernatural and the sacred is called
The social institution responsible for transmitting culture, knowledge, and skills is
This nation's educational system has lessened the influence of social background on schooling by expanding their university system and using competitive entrance examinations.
Great Britain
Which of the following is not one of the functions of schooling according to structural-functional analysis?
promoting equality
Assigning students to different types of educational programs is called
Which of the following is not one of the specific benefits provided by community colleges?
The main emphasis of faculty is on research so they can teach better.
Evaluating a person on the basis of educational degrees is known as
Which of the following is not one of the ways in which large bureaucratic schools undermine education?
a lot of student responsibility
Which of the following is not one of the reforms called for in the report, A Nation at Risk?
Schools should be redistricted so all schools have children attending from different social classes.
Integrating special students into the overall education program is called
All of the following are factors mentioned in the chapter regarding the increasing teacher shortage in the U.S. except:
not enough English speaking teachers.
The United States was among the first countries to institute
compulsory mass education.
One of the main criticisms of the structural-functional approach to education is that
it overlooks the problems inherent in our educational system and ignores how schooling helps reproduce the class structure in each generation.
Critics of standardized testing state that some bias
based on class, race, or ethnicity cannot be avoided in formal testing.
INequality in public schooling
p. 533
Advocates of busing to improve equality in public schools claim that the only way government will adequately fund schools in poor, minority neighborhoods is
if an effective busing scheme would have to join inner cities and suburbs.
COllege is also called
the silent classroom
Theodore Sizer
5 ways bureaucratic schools undermine education
p 538
The most crucial factor affecting access to U.S. higher education is
Family Income
In a global perspective,
the United States spends more on schooling its children than almost anywhere else.
Schools will improve only to the extent that
students, parents, teachers, and local communities commit themselves to educational excellence.
Countries, SChooling differences
p 529 and 527