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What are some of the major reasons for the underreporting of crime in the US?
Woman are afraid to report rape crimes in fear that they will be blamed.

some racial and ethnic groups distrust law enforcements
Which view of labelling theory reflects the notion that the most powerful define the labels?
The Conflict View

Which Sociologist coined the term ethnic succession?
Daniel Belle
Major characteristics of postmodern society?
Technology sophisticated and preoccupied with consumer goods
Herbert Blumer says that the distinctive characteristsic of human behavior is?
Our response to someone's behavior is based on the meaning we attach to their actions.
The distinctive characteristics of the human relations approach?
Focuses on the workers feelings, frustrations, and emotional need for job satisfaction
The process by which a group organization or social movement becomes increasingly bureaucratic
a temp or perm alliance geared toward a common goal
Bearman on the adolescent sexual networks
refer to page 111
the views of Daniel Belle on the transition from industrial to postindustrial?
A functionalist is a positive developement
What countries have higher rates of car theft than the US
England Italy Australia New Zealand
Merton's Anomie Theory of Deviance
Innovator- Doesn't work hard, but wants money

ritualist-does the work, doesn't care about money

retreatist-drug addicits

rebel- finds new means and goals
an example of formal sanctions
jail sentences and fines
Perspective associated with both cultural transmission and routine activities?
Who created the control theory?
Travis Hirschi
Examples of differential association
smoking, truancy, and early sexual behavior
occupational prestige rankings
Physician to newspaper vendor
open stratifcation system
position of the individual is influenced by achieved status
How did Max Weber define power?
the ability to exercise one's will over others
what is social mobility
movement of people from one position of sratification to another
Which group experiences the highest level of poverty?
Women, Latinos, and blacks
In Karl Marx's view, social relations during any period of history depend on who controls the...?
primary mode of economic production
The working poor
the working poor
how does Karl Marx define the term proletariat?
the working class
Who thought that a person's position in a stratification system reflects some combination of their class status and power
Max Weber
Prestige refers to ?
the respect and admiration a job holds in society