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From a sociological point of veiw "who we are" or our sense of self revolves around our
social relationships
_______ refers to the environment or interaction experiences that make up every individual's life.
_______ is the term for human genetic makeup or biological inheritance.
Groups that are characterized by face to face contact and strong emotional ties among member
primary groups
Those groups with which people indentify and to which they feel closely attached, particularly when that attachment is founded on hatred of another group.
the emergence of self depends on our physiological capacity for reflexive thinking which is
the ability to step outside the self and observe and evaluate it from another's viewpoint
From the sociological point of view, Mead viewed play and games as important to childrens social development because they
allow children to learn and practice taking the role of the other
The three stages of role-taking (in the correct sequence)
According to the theory of the looking-glass self, ________ is critical to self awareness.
imagining other's reactions
One of the most important messages of Ch 5 is that
reality is a social construction
The global story of the transmission of HIV/AIDS revolves around the theme of
social interaction
When sociologists studt social interaction, they seek to indentify and understand?
context and content
Everyday events in which at least two people communicate and respond through language and symbolic gestures to affect one anothers thinking and behavior are termed
social interaction
Emile Durkheim used the general term ________ to describe the ties that bind people to one another in a society
social order and cohesion based on a common conscience or uniform thinking and behavior is
mechanical solidarity
In societies characterized by ____________, people relate to one another in terms of their specialized roles.
organic solidarity
Sociologists use the word social status to mean
a position in a social structure
A/An _________ is behavior expected of a status in relationship to another status.
The ___________ associated with a role define what a person assuming that role can demand or expect from others.
Role ____________ is a predicament in which conflicting expectations are associated with a single role.
Role __________ is a predicament in which expectations associated with two or more roles in a role set contradict each other
Whe the social interaction is viewed as though it were taking place in a theatre, that persective corresponds to the
dramaturgical model
On the first day of class Professor Smith always wears a tie to convey that he is serious about his job. On the other hand, he gives out his home number as a way of letting his students know he is approachable. Professor Smith is engaged in?
impression management
The front stage is the area
where people take care to create and maintain expected images and behavior
In sociological terms, a ________ is a person or a group assigned blame for conditions that threaten a community's sense of well being, or shake the foundations of a trusted institution.
From a sociological point of view, an organization is
a coordinating mechanism created by people to acheive stated objectives
________ are enterprises that own, control, or license production and service facilities in countries other than the one in which their headquarters are located
multinational corporations
The worlds largest global corporation in 2004
Hidden costs to the environment, workers, and consumers associated with using or making a product but not figured into its price are
externality costs
Weber defined rationalization as a process whereby thought and action rooted in emotion are replaced by
value-rational thought and action
The McDonaldization of society involved 4 principles
efficiency, quantification, predictability and control
An ideal type is
a standard against which real cases can be compared
the concentration of decision making power in the hands of a few people
Rob is always telling susan how nice she looks and what a great sense of humar she has, which makes her feel good. Mark is always ignoring Susan when she talks and never laughs at her jokes. As a result, Susan chooses so socialize more with Rob. This is an example of?
the pleasure principle