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How do children use theater for performance?

For Adults?
They will use
it to test new roles.

Adults use it to adjust to changes in their circumstances.
How did communities reach out to supernatural forces, many times being religious figures?
They would use dramatic rituals such as the kachina cycle of the Hopi.
What god was celebrated during the theater festevals in Athens in the Fifth century b.c.
Dionysus, the god of life and force
what was the name of the Christian based theater cycle in medieval times?
The Mystery Cycle, they were similar to the greek theater.
What is one main difference between Greek theater and Medieval theater?
Unlike greek theater, medieval theater relied on community participation.
What is the focus of August Wilsons play "Joe Turners come and Gone"?
It is about freed slaves who have migrated north and are looking for work.
What three things are required for theater to exhist?
An Actor,

Playing space,

and an audience.