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Date of Prehistoric Stone age
30,000 - 2000 BCE
Before writting
Pre-Historic Sub Periods
Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Noelithic
Old Stone Age (30,000 - 12,000 BCE)
Sculpture in the round
Free standing standing figure carved or molded in 3-D
relief Sculptures
figure projecting from a background of which they are a part of.
Paleolithic Cave paintings found ...
France, Lascaux, Altimara, Spain, Chauvet
Paleolithic Cave paintings
paintsings found deep within caves of buffaloes and such
Style and Technique of Paleolithic Cave paintings
Meaning or purpose of cave paintings
- Animals shown in profile
- No Common Ground line
- Descriptive not optical
- Animals are depicted with greater detail than humans
Meaning or purpose of cave paintings
Hunting Ritual
Food Creation Ritual
Religion/ Mythic beliefs
shaman acts as in intermediary between the human spirit realms and has supernatural powers.
Mesolithic Period - Definition & Dates
(12,000 - 8,000 BCE)
transition from nomadic hunting and gathering. Dogs domesticated. Ice glaciers recede and climate warms.
Neolithic Period - Definition & Dates
(8,000 - 2,000 BCE)
Revolutionary change from hunting and gathering to food production and animal donestication.
Neolithic period in the Near East
Agriculture and first permanent settlements developed
Neolithic Towns
Jericho and Catal Hoyuk