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What procurement type must be used for material in manufacturing execution?
In-house production
Name the task list types used in manufacturing execution
Routings, rate routings, master recipes, equipment task list, inspection plans
Which views of the material master are maintained for manufacturing?
MRP(Planning) and work Scheduling (Execution) views
SAP BOM’s can be transferred to APO in the form of____________ _____________ ________
Production Process Models
Manufacturing Execution : Which information systems are used for order management?
Order information system
Multi-level order overview for sales orders
Missing parts information system
Controlling reports
Production information system PPIS (part of R/3 LIS)
Manufacturing Execution : The standard operating times for an operation are defined in the work station – True/False
False – they are defined in the routing
List the other application modules that integrate with manufacturing execution
Inventory Management
Quality management
Financial accounting
Sales and Distribution
Project systems
Human Capital Management
Manufacturing Execution : Order confirmations are used for entering activities carried out within your company for an order – True/False
What is the difference between a transfer posting and a stock transfer?
The transfer posting need not involve an actual (physical) goods movement whilst a stock transfer always involves the physical movement of goods
Inventory and Warehouse management: What is the key aspect of a transfer posting?
A change in the stock ID or stock category of a material
List two conditions which would have to be met for an accounting document to be created in a storage-location to storage-location stock transfer .
The material is split-valuated and the valuation type changes during the transfer
What are the advantages of using a stock transport order during stock transfer
- The stock transport order is integrated with MRP, purchase requisitions generated by MRP can be converted to stock transfer orders
- The receipt can be planned at the receiving plant
- You can enter delivery costs and a forward/carrier in the stock transport order
- The goods receipt can be posted directly to consumption
- In the case of goods receipt in the warehouse the material can be posted to stock in quality inspection or blocked stock
- The entire process can be monitored via the PO history
Which processes can trigger the logistics execution process?
Creation of a delivery
An inventory management posting
Which document is used to execute all material movements in a warehouse
Transfer Order
What is a transfer requirement
It is the planning and posting basis of the warehouse management activities
At what organisation level is the Transport Planning Point is assigned to
Company code
Can a transport planning point be linked to multiple company codes
Shipping points are assigned to which org level unit
A warehouse number is always linked to?
A Plant and storage location
Name 2 interim storage areas
Goods receipt area
Goods issue area
A storage area is created in
A storage type (e.g. frozen goods, freezer 1)
A storage bin is created in a ------------ -------------- and is part of -------------- --------------
Storage section, master data
Physical inventory requirements analysis determine the total values from? (list 5)
Independent requirements
Sales orders
Dependant requirements
Requirements from stock transport orders
Valuation price of the material
Physical inventory consumption analysis determines the quantities from
Uses the consumption quantities updated in the material master
Consumption value is determined by total consumption qty and valuation price of the specific plant
To inventory special stocks, PI documents are created for?
Per plant,
Storage location,
Special stock,
Vendor/customer/project (depending upon special stock)
PI documents are created per?
Plant and storage location
List two methods of stopping goods movement when performing inventory
Block goods movement
Freeze Book inventory
When inventory differences are posted which documents are created and why
A material document to correct the stock figures
An accounting document to record the account movements