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molten rock generated in the interior of the Earth
Ring of Fire
the narrow belt of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean
hot spot
a fixed source of abundant rising magma
volcanic islands that are so old that they have had time to sink slowly into the plate, due to their weight
map projections
maps that show the Earth's surface features on a two-dimensional plane
contour lines
lines that connect points of equal elevation on a land surface
contour intervals
the difference in elevation between adjacent contour lines
topographic map
a map showing the topographic features of a land surface, including how steep or gentle a slope is.
the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points on a map
igneous rock
a rock that forms when molten materials become solid
silicon oxide; the most abundant oxide in magma
shield volcano
a broad, gently sloping volcanic cone of flat-dome shape, formed by the eruption of low-silica magma
composite cone volcano (stratovolcano)
a volcano formed the eruption of magma with medium to high silica content
a large volcanic depression formed by the collapse of overlying rock due to erupting magma