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Which career coordinates the flight of planes to make sure they stay safe distance from one another?
air traffic controller
Three (not really 3 lol) wavelengths inthe electromagnetic spectrum are __________
radio, x-ray, microwave, gamma, infrared, ultraviolet, visible light.
What is the difference between white light and monochromatic light?
mono--one color
white--many colors
What common devices can use info transmitted over fiber optics?
television, telephone, computer
which phone system is more complex?
fiber optics
A laser technician will _____ laser systems
install, repair, assemble, and develop
Which career requires the most education?
Which career requires the least amount of education?
line installer
Which of the following is a structure?
bridges, dams, houses, stadiums
Which of the following is NOT an example of a live load?
Which is a twisting force?
When sitting on a swing, the chains that hold the swing are under ________
A triangle shaped truss is used in many structures to ___________
add strength and stability
Which is NOT true about building structures?
positive impacts can only be expected
The aprenticeship for __________ consists of 3 years of on-the-job training as well as classroom work
iron worker
__________ examines structures to ensure they meet building codes and contract specifications
construction inspectors
A _______ must have good hand-eye-foot coordination and be able to judge distance
material moving equipment operator
In a manual control system, a person controls the output
T or F?
electronic control systems can help us control complex systems but they also ___________
increase the cost of the system and increase the maintenance costs
A safety feature in a control system can include ___________
a warning light, an alarm, and a system shutdown
A manual system depends on __________ to provide feedback to adjust the stuff
a human
An open loop system has feedback from the output to the input
T or F?
Which is a system?
A combonation of parts that work together as a whole, a computer, and a human body
Civil engineers design and supervise Construction projects such as _______
airports, roads, bridges
A wavelength is the distance between __________
2 peaks of a wave
Which career requires 5 years of college?
Laser stands for ________
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
In an automatic control system, a sensor provides the information to turn the pump on and off.
T or F?
Which career requires continued education to remain current with changing technology?
computer operator and electrical engineer
Which career requires a strong background in math and science?
engineering technician
Aerodynamics is a branch of physics concerned with _________
the movement of air around objects
The use of aerodynamic principles has resulted in design improvements in _________
boats, planes, cars
Aerodynamic design improvements have resulted in better fuel efficiency and a cleaner environment.
T or F?
Drag is a force _______
opposing the forward motion of an object
The ______ of a object produces drag
shape and surface features
The transition point is the location where air flow ________
becomes turbulent
Bernoulli's principle states that as air moves faster, the air pressure ________
An object between a low pressure and a high pressure area will_______
move toward the low-pressure area
The pressure difference between the top and bottom of a wing is caused by air traveling faster over the curved surface on top of the wing than the air traveling under the wing
T or F?
Which career offers a specialization in the study of aerodynamics?
aerospace engineer
Types of sound in a multimedia presentation include _______
music, sound effects, and narration
When a multimedia presentation is packaged, it can be run practically anywhere there's a computer
T or F?
Which of the following items is a media type?
text, video, sound, and animation
What is the difference between animation and video?
Animation: series of graphical images
Video: serious of photographic images
Many multimedia presentations are organized with ______
an introduction, a body, and a conclusion
When adding text to a presentation, include _____ idea (s) per slide
_________ empathizes information and add variety
____________ are visual effects that affect the way slides appear in a multimedia presentation
Which career in multimedia production requires the ability to draw?
Which career in multimedia production may require knowledge of electronics?
audio technician
Which is a correct set of opposing forces in flight?
Thrust Vs. Drag
Gravity vs. Lift
The leading edges of an airplane "bumps" into air molecules and causes _______________
Bernoulli's Principle states that as the speed of fluid increases, the pressure of the fluid ____________
The ________ carries the weight of an airplane during flight
Which engine types are most used on commercial aircraft?
turboprop and jet
Which engine is the fastest?
The location of weight on an object's surface changes motion of object through air
T or F?
Which career requires a person to be in good health and physical condition?
aircraft pilot
Which careers require no education other than a high school diploma?
-aircraft mechanic
-air traffic controller
-aircraft pilot