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Professional Ethics
A set of moral standards for acceptable professional behavior.
The process by which state evaluates the credentials of prospective teachers to ensure that they have achieved satisfactory levels of teaching competence and are morally fit to work with youth.
Teaching Contract
A legal employment agreement between a teacher and a local school board.
A legal safeguard that provides job security by preventing teacher dismissal without a cause.
Reduction in force
The elimination of teaching positions b.c of declining student enrollment or school funds.
Academic Freedom
The right of teachers to choose both content and teaching methods based on thier professional judgement.
Copyright Laws
Federal laws designed to protect the intellectual property of authors, which includes printed matters, videos, pc software, and various types of original work.
Fair use guidelines
Policies that specify limitations in the use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes.
In loco parentis
A principle that requires teachers to use the same judgement and care as parents in protecting the children under their supervision.
A teacher's or other school employee's failure to exercise sufficient care in protecting students from injury.
The extent to which a teacher's behavior becomes known and controversial.
Establishment Clause
The clause that prohibits the establishment of a national religion.
Free exercise clause
The clause that prohibits the gov. from interfering with individuals' rights to hold religious beliefs and freely practice religion.
Buckley Amendment, or(FERPA) Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
A federal act that makes school records open and accessible to students and parents.
Affrimative action
A collection of policies and procedures designed to overcome past racial, ethnic, gender, and disability discrimination