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What are the physical characteristics of Tc99m-Exametazime?
Energy: 140 KeV
T 1/2: 6 hrs
Decay: IT, Gamma
Produced by: Generator
What is another name for Tc99m-Exametazime?
What is the method of localization for Tc99m-Ceretec labeled WBCs?
WBC migration through chemotaxis.
What is the plasma half life of Tc99m-Ceretec?
~ 4 hours
What was Tc99m Exametazime originally developed for?
Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF)
What is the adult dose range for Tc99m-Ceretec?
10-25 mCi
How is the dose prepared for injection?
1. Request blood sample kit from pharmacy
2. Prepare syringe (60-100 ml) with ACD or heparin
3. Obtain 40-50 ml of pt's blood with heparinized syringe and large-guage needle
4. gently invert for 1 minute
5. label syringe and prepare to return to pharmacy for tagging
~~~upon return from pharmacy~~~
1. Verify dose belongs to pt
2. Assay dose
3. Reinject WBCs slowly &
flush well
What collimator is used to image when using Tc99m-Exametazime?
LEHR or Medium
What are the indications for performing a Tc99m-Ceretec WBC Scan?
- Infection/Inflammation
- Abcess
- Irritable Bowel Disease
- Osteromyelitis
How long after reinjection of tagged Tc99m-Ceretec WBCs can imaging begin?
~ 1-4hours
What are the advantages of Tcc99m-Ceretec WBC?
- fast uptake of Tc99m-Ceretec permits earlier imaging

- low absorbed dose makes imaging suitable for children
(.74 rem/ 10 mCi)
What are the disadvantages of theTcc99m-Ceretec WBC?
- requires 40-50 ml of blood withdrawl
- 2-3 hour labeling process
- short T 1/2 = 6 hrs
- displays activity in GI tract, urinary tract, and GB
What is the max amt of time recommended between drawing the pt's blood and reinjection?
no more than 5 hours
What is the recommended use for labeled cells?
Within 1 hour of preparation and in no case more than 3 hours after preparation!
What is the normal activity distribution for Tc99m-Ceretec?
kidneys, bladder, liver, spleen, gall bladder
What images are obtained when performing a Tc99m-Exametazime WBC scan?
WB Statics: Head/Neck, Chest, pelvis, lower extremeties
WB Sweep