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active process of linking someone who has a need or problem with an agency that provides services meeting that need or solving that problem
information and referral services
links callers with I&R networks of state and local organizations that assist older adults and families
eldercare locator
type of transportation service available for any trip purpose to anyone
public transportation
type of transforation services that is provided for a variety of trip purposes and is usually only open to older adults and those who are disabled or have low income
speciazlied transit
type of transportation program in which transit is incidental to agency's main program purpose
incidental transit
type of transporation service provided by for-profit entities on a for hire basis
commercial transporation
a regularly scheduled transit service operated over a set route
fixed route service
a fixed-route service that will deviate from its regular route to pick up special riders such as older/disabled persons and then return to regular route
deviated fixed route
personalized, direct transit service provided usually for persons who are older or disabled on either and immediate demand basis or an advancded reservation basis
demand responsive system
apportions funds to states for public transportation in nonurbanized areas of less than 50,000 residents
section 5311
awarded to state transportation agencies, eligible subrecipients are private nonprofits or public bodies providing coordinated transportation services for elders and persons with disabilities
secton 5310
section of FTA that offers funds to assist with purchase of capital equipment to agencies serving older persons and disabilites in either urban or nonurban areas
section 5310
section of FTA that makes federal monies available for public transportation in urbanized areas
section 5307
the coversion of part of home equity into cash
home equity conversion programs
type of home equity program where person borrows lump sum with no interest or repayment until said time
deferred payment loan
type of home equity program where lender provides borrower with monthly advances or a line of credit that can be tapped into as needed, payment not due until end of loan
reverse mortgage
type of home equity program that allows owner to sell home to buyer, the buyer then leases it back to seller for life
type of home equity program in which older homeowner sells home but retains a life estate until death
life estate option
section of fed housing programs with rental subsidies are given to landlords who agree to rent to low income people and families
section 8
section of fed housing program that offers primary construction program that makes low cost federal loans to nonprofit sponsors for new construction or rehab. of existing structures to provide subsidized rental housing for low-moderate income elders 62+
section 202
section of fed housing program that offers low interst construction loans for rental and congregate housing for low incomes individuals
section 515
cheap hotels and rooming houses located in areas adjacent to the downtown business districts
single room occupancy hotels
small, self contained housing units located next to home of family member
elder collage housing opportunity (ECHO)
have separate apartments for each resident plus common room, sharted areas for meals and recreations
congregate housing
residential setting that provides or coordinates personal care services, 24 hour supervision, scheduled and unscheduled assistance, etc
assisted living
"non-medical community based living arrangments that provide shelter, board and 24/7 supervision or protective oversight and personal care services"
personal care boarding homes
serves people who because of physical, mental or emtional imitations are unable to continue independent functioning in community and who need to desire sup-port and seccurity of family living
foster care
model in which case managers act as brokers for clients and service providers by inking the two through referral system
broker model
type of broker model in which case managers inform and arrange needed services
simple broker model
type of broker model in which agency furnishes some services
combined broker model
type of broker model in which authroized types and levels of services provided with certain financial controls
complex broker model
type of broker model that consists of single provider system delivering full range of services
consolidated broker model
model in which case managers have funds available for services
service management model
model in which clients pay a predetermined fee, and case managers are respondsible for provideing all needed services to clients
managed care models
model that provides direct link between primary care physicians, nurse or social workers and older patient
medical group model
model linking previously disconnected disciplines and departments within hospital together
acute care hospital based model
model that occurs only when called for by providers in any on the other models of case managers
episodic care case management model
type of home health care that represents the largest segment of public expenditure for home care
skilled health care
type of home health care in which care services are nontechnical in nature and emphasize daily needs of users
non-medical home care
type of home health care that provides supportive and palliative care for persons who are terminally ill and their families but not to treat underlying conditions
hospice care
designed to care for residents who needed skilled nursing care that was more medically oriented
skilled nursing care failities
facility in which residents require custodial rather than skilled nursing care
intermediate care facilities
care that is provided to patients whose needs fallo between acute hospital care and traditional nursing home care
subacute care
funds are available through this title of the OAA to provide community based systems of transport, legal and in home services for elders
title III
funds are available through this title of OAA to provide nutrition, information and referral, transport, and other services to indian elders
Title VI
funds may be used for employment, education, housing, nutrition, energy, emergency assistance, and related needs such as trasport for older low income and disabled persons
community services block grant
funds from this title enable states to address goals of reduced dependency on social programs, services can include transport
title XX social service block grants
communities that provide a full range of housing options for retired adults from independt living through nursing home care
continuing care retirement communities
type of CCRC that includes shelter, residential services adn amenities as well as long term nursing care for little or no substantial increase in monthly payments
extensive agreement contract
type of CCRC that offers only a specified amont of long term nursing care for little or no substanital increase in monthly payments except for normal operating costs and inflation adjustments
modified agreement contract
type of CCRC that includes shelter, residential services, amenities and emergency and infirmary nursing care
fee for service contract
model that is perceived as a watchdog approach designed to craete systemic change in long term care services
patient rights model
model that is based on resolving reisdent difficulties with staff on a more informal level
quality of life model
temporary, short term supervisory personal and nursing care provided to older adults with physcial and or mental impairments
respite care
a framework for understanding the relationship between older individuals palce of residence and their physical, psychological and social needs
peron-environment fit
representing the interests of public transit agencies, particularly those in large urbanized areas
the american public transit association
association that represets the interests of speccialized transit operators and those whooperate in rural and samll urbanized areas
the community transportation association of america
refered to as "ice tea", the federal authorizing legislation for transit and highway profgrams best known fro it's creation of flexible funding mechanisms, provisions that allow funds to be transferred between highway and transit programs
ISTEA (intermodal surface transportation efficiency act of 1991)
states or local resources that must be provided to support a project to qualify for federal finacial assistance
legal documents that convey the wishes of an individual regarding personal health care decisions and that must be executed while the individual is still competent
advance directives
appoints an agent to make health care decisions outlined in the document
durable power of attorney
provides a legal mechanism that enables individuals to express their wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment
living wills