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What is afferent loop syndrome?
obstruction of the afferent loop of a Billroth II gastrojujunostomy
What is blind loop syndrome?
bacterial overgrowth of intestine caused by stasis
Boerhaave's Syndrome?
Esophageal perforation
Budd Chiari Syndrome?
thrombosis of hepatic veins
Carcinoid Syndrome?
syndrome of Bronchospasm
Right sided heart failure

Compartment Syndrome?
compartmental HTN caused by edema, resulting in muscle necrosis
Cushings syndrome?
excessive cortisol production
What is dumping syndrome?
delivery of a large amount of hyperosmolar chyme into the small bowel, usually after vagotomy and a gasrtic drainage procedure (pyloroplasty/ gastrojujenostomy); results in autonomic instability, abdominal pain, and diarrhea
perihepatic gonorrhea infection
GArdner's Syndrome?
GI polyps and associated findings of Sebaceous cysts, Osteomas, Desmoid tumors (SOD)

polyps have high malignant potential

Gardners plant SOD
What is HITT syndrome?
Heparin induced Thrombocytopenic Thrombosis syndrome: Heparin induce platelet antibodies cause platelets to thrombose vessels, often resulting in loss of limb or life
Mendelson's syndrome?
Chemical pneumonitis after aspiration of gastric contents
Mirizzi's syndrome?
extrinsic obstruction of common hepatic bile duct from a cystic duct gallstone
Olgivie's syndrome?
massive nonobstructive colonic dilitation
What is Plummer Vinson syndrome?
Sydrome of Esophageal Web
Iron def. Anemia
Spoon shaped nails
Atrophic oral and tongue mucosa

usually occurs in elderly women; 10% develop squamous cell Ca
What is RED reaction syndrome?
rapid vancomycin infusion causes skin erythema
Refeeding syndrome?
Hypokalemia, Hypomagnesemia, and hypophosphatemia after refeeding a starved patient
What is Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome?
Syndrome of GI tract telangiectasia/ AV malformations
What is short gut syndrome?
malnutrition resulting from less than 100 cm of viable small bowel
Sipple's syndrome?
Trousseau's Syndrome?
syndrome of DVT associated with carcinoma
Zollinger Ellison Syndrome?
gastrinoma and PUD
Wermer's syndrome?