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What must an organization do to create a positive organization that can improve the health and well- being of whose who work for them?
They must work with human needs, capabilities and potentials.
An employee's perception of the policies, practices and procedures relating to safety is known as......?
Safety climate.
Name 3 things that are important factors in considering occupational health and safety.
Age, Teamwork, Job insecurity.
...........aims to improve quality of work life by promoting the health, safety and well- being of workers by applying psychology and by developing evidence- based knowledge?
Occupational health psychology.
The cost of work- related stress in organisations can be estimated in terms of what 3 things?
Absenteeism, Compensation claims, Lost productivity. the enjoyment of challenging demands made on the body?
Name 3 stages of 'The General Adaptation Syndrome' proposed by Hans Seyle.
Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion.
What is NOT a stage of The General Adaptation Syndrome' proposed by Hans Seyle.
How many major types of stress coping strategies are there?
What 3 can be regarded as a cause of stress (stressor)?
Noise, Time Rigidity, Workload.
What 3 model describe the process of strain and stress at work?
The Demand- Control Model
The Person Environment Fit Model
The Hardiness at Work Model
What is NOT a model that describes the process of strain and stress at work?
The Conservation of Resource Model.