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What are the advantages of manual resistance?
No equipment, perform anywhwere, easy training, can train almost all the same muscles as in the weight room, ability to apply manual resistance in the range of motion of each rep
What is Manual Resistance?
practical and productive strength training in which resistance is used to train the partner
How does it work?
start off slow to warm up then by the end you should be at max resistance
What are the 3 macronutrients?
Carbohydrates, protein and fat
What are the recommended percentages of each?
Carb - 55-60%, Protein - 12-20%, Fat - 30%
Where is protein found?
Skeletal muscle, organs & bone tissue
Which macronutrient is the primary fuel?
Carbs and fats
What is the relationship between your fuel sources and intensity/duration?
If you eat a healthy diet you are able to fuel your body and increase intensity and duration of your activities
What is a motor unit?
basic functional entity of muscular activity
What is the "sliding filament theory"?
individual muscle fibers that have filaments contract by sliding over eachother
What are the characteristics of skeletal muscles?
excitability, extensibility, elasticity, contractibility
What are the three functions of skeletal muscles?
Force production for locomotive and breathing, force production for postural support, heat production during cold stress
What are the three types of flexibility training?
Static, Dynamic/Ballistic, PNF