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State the Function and Location of the Steering Pumps
located in the Port and Stbd Steering Rooms. Two steering units per side. Pumps provide pressure to move tiller.
State the Function and Location of the Trick wheel
Located in steering engine room or at emergency steering station. Utilized to operate the differential, causing the tilt box to move the rudder.
State the Function and Location of the Differential control box
takes the rotary motion from the synchro receivers and causes the tilt box to tilt.
State the Function and Location of the Ram assemble
is a double ended piston connected to the crosshead and fits each end into the ram cylinder. The ram cylinder encases the cross-sectional area of the piston ram.
State the Function and Location of the Emergency steering hand pump
is located in emergency steering room. It allows for emergeny control of steering
State the Function and Location of the Rack and pinion follow-up assembly
is located in the steering engine room that is used to indicate rudder angle.
State the different modes of steering control.
Computer - Assisted Auto
Computer - Assisted Manual
Back - up Manual
Emergency Manual
Explain Computer - assisted Auto mode
selected from the mode control panel of either the BSU or ASU. Only used when traveling greater than 4 knots
Explain Computer - assisted Manual mode
located on either the BSU or the ASU to determine the ships heading.
Explain Back - up Manual mode
used by selecting or de-selecting the mode on the steering mode control panel in BSU or ASU.