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Advantages of Multivariate/Factorial Designs
-focus on the exploration of “multicausality”
-Outcomes have multiple causes, we should study multiple IVs and their interactions within a single study
-“it depends” permeates both our everyday and our scientific language, discussions, and explanations
-the direction and extent of the influence of a particular IV “depends on” the value of the other IV
-in a factorial design the interaction is a “third causal variable”, which is evaluated independently of the other two IVs
There are always THREE effects (IVs) examined...
-the interaction of the two they jointly relate to DV
-the main effect of the one IV it relates to the DV independently of the interaction and the other main effect
-the main effect of the other it relates to the DV independently of the interaction and the other main effect
Main effects involve the comparison of...
marginal means
Simple effects involve the comparison of...
cell means
Interactions involve the comparison of...
simple effects
How to identify Main Effects?
difference between the marginal means of that IV (ignoring the other IV)
How to Identify Simple Effects
cell means differences between
conditions of one IV for a specific level of the other IV
Patterns of data that include interactions can be identified and described using the “it depends” approach.