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Stored Procedure
Any query written in SQL that is given a name and made into an object. Accessible under stored procedures in database in enterprise manager.
System Stored Procedures
SP-helpdb is a good example of a system stored procedure
What are the three files found in the 80 folder?
Data type, Secondary file (if one exists)and transaction log
A table which is not indexed
Clustered Index
A field in a table which is indexed for easier query
non-clustered index
a physically separate entity from the original table
How many clustered indexes can you have on a table?
only one
When would you use a full recovery mode?
If your database needs to recover from the point of failure. It will recover everything exactly as it was before the POF. Works best if you use a separate hard drive. Saves backup time.
Simple recovery mode
Recovers only from last backup so you must do backup every night. Advantage is small transaction log.
Bulk-logged recovery mode
Much of data comes in as batches so you should use full anyway if you really are worried about loss of data.
What is the extension of the data files in SQL Server?
Free space allocated and assigned to a table or an index 64KB of space consisting of 8 contigious pages, each 8 KB in size
Mixed extent
stores small amounts of data for up to eight objects within a single extent
Uniform extent
stores data from a single object
Consists of data for only one object
Ssecondary Global Allocation Map page is a bitmap covering 64,000 extents (4 GB) used to identify mixed extents with at elast one free page.
B-tree sructure
a balanced hierarchal structure consisting of a root node, possible intermediate notes, and bottom-level leaf pages (nodes). All branches have the same number of levels. A B-tree physically organizes index records based on these key values. Each index page is linked to adjacent index pages.
What is the usual file extension for the log files?
Sequential log sequence number identifies each transaction log record.
Virtual log file
System Catalog
set of sytem tables SQL uses to manage the entire instance which exists only in the master database. Tables record meta data such as all users and all data bases, server configuration settings, etc.
Database Catalog
consists of a set of system tables