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Pail Weiss, Sport: A Philosophical Inquiry
•Single theme- the pursuit of excellence in sport
•Essence of sport to be found in the “game”
•Maximize the potential of the “well-played” game
•Proper training, coaching
•Records and standardization=what can be accomplished
Michael Novak, The Joy of Sports
•The perspective of the sport fan
•Professionalization of Athlete’s role in Univ. environment
•Patterns of Women’s involvement in sport?
•Sports are Not “The Game of Life”
•Role of the Media
•Money and Sport
Edwin Cady, The Big Game: College Sports
•“A major form of public art”
•Key theme- “control”
•Faculty control- “Baker Street Irregulars” (Ringers…one place to another)
•The coach- tenure? Job security?
Women as Managers
•Are women as managers perceived differently in sports?
•Gender equity (men and women being paid the same for the same job)
•Issues regarding minority managers in sport
Marketing Ethics
•High Prices (tickets, merchandise)
•Deceptive Practices (ambushed marketing)
•High pressure selling
•Marketing shoddy or unsafe products
•Planned obsolescence (only last so long)
•Cultural Pollution (advertising)
•Excessive political power (tobacco industry)
Substance Abuse
•Performance enhancing
•Issues of drug testing
oFree and informed consent
•Body Contact (illegal block)
•Borderline Violence (any violence penalized by the rules)(late hits)
•Quasi-criminal Violence (Serious and results in suspension or ejection)
•Criminal Violence (arrested and tried)
4 Types
Sport Gambling
•Legalized sport gambling (only legal in Nevada)
•Internet sports betting
•Point shaving
•Endangers integrity of game
Porter’s Model – 5 competitive forces:
•Intensity of Rivalry among competitors
oWhat are the benefits of competition?
oRelated Hostilities??
•Threat of Entry
oWhy are new entrants a problem?
•Substitute Products
•Buyer Power
•Supplier Power
Drucker’s 8 major areas
oMarket standing
oPhysical and financial resources
oManagerial performance and development
oWorker performance and attitudes
oPublic and social responsibility