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basketball, football, soccer, and other individual sports
more universal description of the activities in the sport industy
organizations working in the private sector of sport
programs working in the public sector of sport
North American Society of Sport Management
National Association of Sport and Physical Education
soecific knowledge neded to perform tasks associated with a particular position
Technical Skills
ability to lead, motivate, and communicate with employees
Human Skills
the understanding of the different parts used to make up the whole
Conceptual Skills
manager makes decision w/o input
Autocratic I
manager gathers on an individual basis
Autocratic II
manager shares info with individuals
Consultative I
managers share info in a group setting
Consultative II
manager facilitates discussion and group decision
Group II
4 P's
Product, Price, Promotion, Place, (Public Relations)
activites desgined to meet the needs and wants of sport consumers through exchange process
Sport Marketing
based in GNP, balance sheet, income statment, cash flow statement
Financial Statement
what you have to give up to get what you want
Opportunity Cost
how much more you have to spend to get more of what you want w/o worrying about what you already spent
Marginal Cost
where the amount of product supplied = amount demanded
Supply and Demand Equilibrium Price
business to business within a community, wages to employees, local taxes
dollars spent on and off site
Direcct Spending
secondary spending as a result of direct spending
Indirect Spending
spending by employees of impacted businesses w/i the community
Induced Spending
how many time money can change hands in the community b4 it leaves or leaks out
Regional Multiplier
Who came up with the idea to implement an academic program dedicated to the administration of sport?
Dr. Mason
When and where was the first graduate program founded?
1966 @ Ohio
Name all of the academic content.
*Socio-Cultural Dimensions
*Managemant Leadership & Organization
*Budget & Finance
*Legal Aspects
*Field Experiences
How much does the sport industry bring in?
$213 billion (more than agriculture, mining, motion pictures, agriculture, public utilities, and motor vehicles)
Name the 6 keys to success
Break down the communication percentages of a manager.
10% writing
15% reading
25% listening
30% speaking
the receiver understands the message intended by the sender
Effective Communication
What are the keys to effective communication?
*effective planning
*integrity of the message
*medium of transfer
*type of info
What are the barriers to effective communication?
*resistance to change
*no credibility
*not listening
*bad environment
*unsatisfactory appearance
*using slang
Expalin upward, downward, and lateral communication.
Downward- upper level to middle or low level
Upward- subordiantes to upper management
Lateral- communication within the same level
Give examples of sports outputs and inputs.
Output- press release, media guide, flyers, stats
Input- SportsCenter, PTI, SI
What is the difference b/t a publicist and an agent?
A publicist deals with the media while an agent tries to get the athelte the most money possible.
What are the 4 functions of management?
Planning, Organizing, Directing, and Monitoring
Explain the 4 functions of management.
Planning- goals, objectives within constraints
Organizing- delegate tasks
Directing- motivating and leading
Monitoring- measuring the performance against standards
What are the 4 levels of management from the top to the bottom?
*Top Level
*Middle Management
*1st level management
*Non-management Employees
What is the single most important function of management?
Decision Making
What is charisma?
great qualities that has a great influence over followers
Who did research on charisma?
Max Weber in 1947
What does SLEEPE stand for?
Know the decision making model
Look at it
What is the GAAP?
Generally Accepted Accounting Priciple
What is a pro forma statement?
the projection of future financial situation based on current or historical data
What are the sources of revenue?
ticket sales, sponsorship, lexury suites, media, licensing and merchandising, concessions and parking
What is the fan cost index?
what a fan is willing to pay for a ticket and there is a cap
What 2 leagues share their revenue from tickets with the respective league?
NFL- 34%
MLB- 30%
What are the 3 types of bonds?
Municipal, General Obligation, and Revenue
What is a certificate of participation?
where the government creates a corporation to buy a facility and the government leases the facility
What is the NASC formula for measuring Economic Impact and what does it stand for?

TEI- total economic impact
RM- regional multiplier
TAS- total administrative spending
OTV- outta town visitors
ASD- average spending a day
ND- number of days
What is associated with a competitive balance?
NFL parity
What is asscoiated with a competitive imbalance?
Who has a competitive advantage?
The New England Patriots
What are the types of spending?
Direct, Indirect, and Induced
What are sum abuses of EI studies?
*use wrong multiplier
*incorrect multiplier calculation
*dont consider opportunity costs
*local residents, time switchers, and casuals
What are the 2 major thrusts of sport marketing?
*the marketing of sport products and services
*marketing of other products through sport promotions
What are the 2 characteristics of sport consumers?
Involvement and Commitment
Describe the 4 p's.
product- what is trying to be sold
price- the value of the product and the price the fan must pay
place- the channels to get the product
promotion- activites to persuade the consumer to purchase