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what is the criteria that determines if an individual is elgibile for CI?
1. cognitive ability
2. academic skill level
3. adaptive behavior
what is an assessment accommodation?
they alter the way a test is administered. Allows students to show what they down withoit being impeded by their disabilities
what are four alterations that can be made to assessments?
time, presentation, setting or response format
does every student with a dsability need assessmetn accomodations?
in order to use assessment accomodations, what must be gained?
approval by the IEP team
what is the "gold standard" of intelligence tests?
Crystallized Ability is related to:
cultural relatedness
fluid ability is related to:
cultural independnce
what are the four main parts of the assessment of intelligence?
verbal comprehenseion
perceptuial reasoning
working emmory
processing speed
fluid intelligence is thought to be
problem solving
what memory does fluid intelligence use?
short term
what is crystallized intelligence?
verbal comphernicon, learned in schools and society
what is sensory memory, how long does it take to disapear?
milliesecond - 1 second
how long does short term take to disappar? how many items?
5-9 items
less than 1 min
what is working memory?
used to perform cognitive processes with the items remembered in short term meory
what is APGAR stand for?
activity (muscle tone)
pulse (heart rate)
grimace (reflex)
appearance (skin color)
Respiration (breathing)
What is the highest score on the apgar scale? lowest?
10 - 0
what are the 3 main learning styles?
visual, tactile, auditory
the sound system of language
the studey of the indiviudal eelemnts of language that have meaning
rules for joining words to form sentences
comphrehension of meaning and words
use of language in social settings
what is receptive language
what child is able to understand
expressive lanugage
what child is able to verbally express
inner language
the use of language as a tool in thinking planning and organization
what is PPVT?
shows receptive language skills: peabody picture vocabulary test
what is an internalized behaviorl problem?
it produces discomfort for the student: sadness, anxiety (subtle)
what is an externalized behavior probelm?
it produces idcomfort for everybody else (odd, adhd)
what is self concept
things we think about our slf. motivitation system
what is self esteem?
our evlauative comoponet of self concept: self worth
what are inderect methods of behvarioal assessmetn?
self reports
rating by others (connor's BRP-2)
what are problems with indirect methods of behavioral assessmetn?
validity and distortion (multiple raters and settings)
what are direct methods of behvarioal assessmetn?
behaviroal observation and self monitoring
what is adaptive behvaior?
adapting to ones circumstances
daily living skills
what is functional intelligence?
a combo of IQ and adaptive behvario, ability to successfuly function in the comunity
is there a correlation between IQ and adaptive behavior?
yes normally
what happesn when IQ exceeds adaptive behavior
autistim or communication skill problems
what happens when adaptive bahvior exceeds IQ?
occurs under the conditions of social/environmental deprivation
what are the purposes of adaptive behavior assessment?
helps determine elgibility and programming
what test is used most frequently for adaptive behavior?
vineland ABS
what are the 3 forms of the VIneland ABS test?
expanded interview/survey
at what tempature are C and F equal
what is the orgin of the meter?
metre (original spelling), defined as 1/10,000,000 of a quadrant of a great circle of Earth, measured around the poles of the longitudinal meridian passing through Paris
who is an informant?
the person who provides the info to rate adaptive behavior (parent, grandparent, teacher aide or caregiver)