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How do you say: Hello
You've said it MANY times before!
How do you say: Good Morning
Buenos dias
You've said it many times before and it starts with a "B"
How do you say: How are you?
Como estas?
Starts with a "C"
How do you say: Fine, thanks
Bien, gracias
Starts with a "B"
How do you say: What is your name?
Como te llamas?
Starts with a "C"
How do you say: My name is___
Me llamo___
Starts with Me
How do you say: It's nice to meet you.
Mucho gusto
Think of the letter "M"
How do you say: Do you speak Spanish?
Hablas espanol?
Ends with espanol.
How do you say: Yes, I speak Spanish
Si, hablo espanol.
Starts with Si
How do you say: A little
Un poco
Starts with Un
How do you say: I don't understand.
No comprendo
You know this!!! NO hint for you!
How do you say: Goodbye!
You know this!
How do you say: Hannah?
Hannah(with an accent so more like haaanah.)
Easy one!
How do you say: Kristin
Christina (ends like steenia)
Remember, eeeee
How do you say: Ellen
Elena(more like elahna)
Your Spanish name.
How do you say: Gray
gris(sounds like greece)
Doesn't sound anything like gray.
How do you say: Blue
Starts with A
How do you say: Green
Nothing like the word!
How do you say: White
You tudorerd a student in 1st grade with this name and it starts with a "B"
How do you say: Pink
Think Pink!
How do you say: Black
Think of a bad name for an African American person.
How do you say: Goodnight
Buenos nuchos
Bonus: How do you say: Once upon a time a little red hen
habia una vez una gallinita rojo
This one is HARD! But remember it's a BONUS question! Try your best!