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Define astronomy
the study of objects in space
Define asteroid
fragments of matter simular to rocky planetary matter that orbit between Mars and Jupiter
Define satellite
an object that revolves around a larger body
Define light year
the distance light can travel in a year -- it is used to measure distances in space because they are so great
Define black hole
a star in which matter is condensed and its gravity field is so strong that light cannot escape
Define supernova
the explosion of a star in which the center of the star collapses under gravity, the outer layers are blown off at high speeds, and the brightness of the star increases greatly before fading
Define Space Shuttle
a reusable craft desgined to transport astronauts, materials, and satellites to and from space
Define comet
a mass of frozen gases, dust, and small rock particles that orbits the sun
Define space probe
a spacecraft equipped with instruments designed to collect inforamtion about outer space
Define solar system
the system of objects in orbit around our sun
Define speed of light
light travels at 186,000 feet per second -- very fast!
Define red giant
(it is a dying star)a star in which most of the hydrogen has changed into helium, and then this helium starts changing into carbon and the star expands... and as it expands the outer layer cools turning red.
Define nebula
a cloud of dust and gas in which stars may be born
Define gravity
the mutual force of attraction that exisits between all objects in the universe
Define galaxy
a large system of gases, dust, and many stars
Define constellation
a visual pattern of stars
Define neutron star
a dense mass that results from the collapse of a super nova
Define moon
the earth's only natural satellite