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What is a rocket?
A device that expels gas in one direction to move in the opposite direction.
Where did rocket technology originate?
When were the first rockets made?
What were early rockets like?
They were simple. They were arrows coated with a flammable powder that were lighted and shot with bows.
The British greatly improved rocketry in the early ________.
The Star-Spangled Banner describes the British rocket attack on Fort ________ in _________, ___________.
Mchenry, Baltimore, Maryland
When were modern rockets first developed?
Early 1900s.
How did Russian physicist Konstantin Tsiokovsky contribute to the development of rockets?
He described in scientific terms how rockets work and proposed designs for advanced rockets.
What did American physicist Robert Goddard contribute to the development of rockets?
He tested Tsiokovsky's designs.
Military rockets were used to carry ________.
What was the rocket called that could travel about 300 km and used by the Germans in World War II?
The V2
Who designed the V2?
Wernher von Braun
Where did Wernher von Braun go to after World War II? What did he do there?
He went to the USA. He used his experience to direct the development of many rockets used in the space program.
How does a rocket move forward?
A rocket moves forward when gases shooting out the back of the rocket push it in the opposite direction.
What is Newton's 3rd law?
For every force, or action, there is an equal and opposite force, or reaction.
What is the reaction force that propels the rocket forward?
What is velocity?
speed in a given direction
What is orbital velocity?
The velocity a rocket must achieve to establish an orbit.
What is escape velocity?
The velocity a rocket must reach to fly beyond a planet's gravitational pull.
What are the 3 types of fuel used to power modern spacecrafts?
solid fuel, liquid fuel, and ions.
How does a solid-fuel rocket work?
Oxygen is mixed with fuel, which is a dry explosive chemical.
Explain how a liquid-fuel rocket works.
Both the oxygen and fuel are liquid. They are stored in separate compartments. When the rocket fires, the fuel and oxygen are pumped into the same chamber and ignited.
Explain how an ion rocket works.
They expel gas ions out of their engines at very high speeds.
Who proposed the idea of a multistage rocket?
Konstantin Tsiolokovsky
What is the main advantage of the multistage rocket?
The total weight of the rocket is reduced greatly as the rocket rises.