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What is a Double Day?
secon shift theory
including house work and childcare
working mother and working woman
What is relational work?
women caring for other's emotional needs
What is sex segregation?
work separation of women and men
What is horizontal sex segregation?
tendency for women and men to hold different jobs
What is vertical sex segregation?
tendency for women to be clustered at the bottom of the hierarchy within occupations
What is a token?
member of a group that is less than 15% of the larger group
What is a role model?
members of one's own reference group who are visibly successful
What is a mentor?
people who take a personal interest in a new member of a group
What is quid pro quo harassment?
unwanted sexual advances or behavior that are a condition of employment
What is hostile work environment?
includes obscene remarks, demeaning jokes, suggestive comments about worker's sexuality or personal life, or thereatenting or aggressive sexually toned materials in the workplace
What is sex role spillover theory?
harrassment occurs when a womena's gender is more salient than her role as a worker
What is abuse of power theory?
men have more power in the workplace and may misuse this power in the form of sexual harassment
What is socio-cultural theory?
sexual harassment is one greater example of greater societal expectation that men exert dominance and women are subservient
What is role conflict?
psychological effects of being faced with sets of incompatible expectation on demands and women are most vulnerable
What is role overload?
difficulty meeting incompatiable expectation and women are more likely than men to adjust work around family
What is Age Cohort?
the group of people born in about the same decade.
What is Double standard of aging?
belief that women are old at an earlier age than men and belieft that being old is more negative for women
What is ageism?
discrimination and prejudice based on age
What is elderspeak?
speech that is grammatically simplificed repetiuous, slowed down and exaggerated in pitch, used by some when speaking to the elderly
What is menopause?
the end of the menstration cycle and monthly periods for a year
What are hot flashes?
brief episodes of suddenly increasing heart rate, warmth, and sweating caused by the decline in estrogen that triggers menopause
What is Estrogen Replacement Therapy(ERT) or Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT)
reporductive hormones to relieve signs of menopause and prevent signs of aging
What is Osteoporosis?
loss of bone mass described
Who is at risk for heart disease?
everyone, but women are falsely diagnosed because the symptoms are different
What is elder abuse?
violence against the elderly that may involve physical injury, emotional stress, sexual violence, neglect and misappropriating the victims possessions or money
What is widowhood?
rections to loss of partner strongly shaped by culture
What is somatization disorder?
characterized by the presence of physical symptoms with no known physical cause, was originally diagnosed as hysteria, which literally means "wondering womb"
What is internalizing disorder?
negative affect turned inward
What is externalizing disorder?
negative affect expressed outwardly
What is rumination?
passive dwelling on distress, its causes and consequences instead of actively distracting oneself or seeking social support women engage in this more often than men
What is Panic Disorder?
diagnosed when an individual experiences repeated, unexpected periods of sudden, intense fear or discomfort, followed by at leas a month of worry about having another panic attack
What is agoraphobia?
intense fear of being in places from which it might be difficult or embarassing to escape
What is anorexia nervosia?
rigorous control over food intake and physical activity level so as to achieve a lower than minimally normal body weight, distorted image of body shape and size
What is bulimia nervosa?
related to extreme concern about weight gain, but individuals are often of normal weight or above normal weight, engagement in food binges followed by purging through vomiting or use of laxatives
what is acculturation?
becoming more adapted to the dominant culture, affects rates of eating disorders in girls and women of color in the US
What is boderline personality disorder(BPD)?
characterized by a pattern of instability in relationships, self concept and emotion accompanied by impulsivity and a severe fear of abandonment
What is dependent personality disorder (DPD)?
characterized by an excessive need to be cared for that leads to submissive and clingy behavior
what is Factitious disorder?
intentially producing or feigning psychological or physical symptoms as to meet a psychological need to assume the sick role
what is depersonalization disorder?
feeling an extreme sense of detachment or estrangement from oneself as if one is an observer of ones own mental process or body
What is cultural bound symptoms?
not officially recognized by the American psychiatric association but are well known in other cultures
What is hysterical syndrome?
physical problems with no apparent organic cause (prostitutes)