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What is the trend in functionalism?
What is the trend in conflict perspective?
Alienation- competing groups
What is the trend in interactionism?
What is a theory?
A statement that seeks to explain behavior
What did Auguste Comte do?
Said a systematic study of society is needed to improve society. Coined the word "sociology"
Harriet Martineau
Studied religion, politics, child rearing and immigration. Wrote the first book on sociological method.
Herbert Spencer
Applied evolution to societies
Emile Durkheim
Anomie- loss of direction in a society when social control of individual behavior has become effective- suicide
Max Weber
Verstehen = insight
Ideal type = standard
To analyze behavior, we must discover the meanings people attach to actions. Interactionist- rationality.
Karl Marx
Critical of institutions and communist manifesto. System (economic, political) are meant to dominate
Charles Horton Cooley
Interactionist- learned about society through small groups
Jane Adams
Settlement Houses
Robert Merton
Deviance- trying to succeed in a different way
Deliberate, matter of fact calculation of the most efficient means to accomplish a goal
Traditional thinking
beliefs that are passed on
Jobs for felons- it is much harder for someone who has been incarcerated to get a job
Education and earnings- more education = more money, but more money as a child leads to more education = cycle
Italian street corner men - observed, interactionist. Showed that lower class societies were organized. He had to be accepted into the group.
Jail for court?
Poll problem in Baghdad
The surveys didn't reach women
Advertising portrays women as dependent
Has smoking in films increased?
What is the Hawthorne effect?
When being watched, many subjects change their behavior- more productive, etc.
What are the functions of poverty?
Dirty work will be done.
Benefit the rich- maids, medical research.
Poverty creates jos that serve the poor- social work
Poor people buy things that other people won't.
Can be used as examples to hold up social norms.
Provide culture - blues
Maintain the status quo- both the upper and the middle class
Participate less in voting = politicians can ignore them
What are the alternatives of poverty?
Pay higher wages
Provide counseling to the affluent
There are already enough deviants
There could still be a lower class, but not as poor
What was the "protestant ethic about?"
Wasting time is a sin
You should listen to your calling
Sex is only for making children
economic order is the "devine scheme of things"
What was the christmas card study about?
rich don't give many cards
people write to people of the same or higher class, but only receive cards from the same or lower class
What are the four research methods?
Survey, observation, experiment, secondary analysis
What is a problem with a survey and observation?
Won't reach all people, can be biased. Observation can create the "Hawthorne effect" = not reliable
Problem with an experiment? Problems with secondary analysis?
Experiments do not always truly recreate reali life
Secondary analysis does not guarantee that the researcher will find exactly what they need.
What are the steps in sociological method?
Define the problem.
Formulate the hypothesis.
Review the literature.
Choose research design.
Conclusion and reporting.
What is collin's study of black executives in corporate america?
I don't know!
What historical developments and social processes led to the development of sociology?
educated middle class. social problems- immigration, child labor. the desire for policial change.
What are the different categories of suicide?
anomic = weak social control
fatalistic = strong social control like inmates on death row
egoistic = psychological problems, weak social control
altruistic = strong social control, like an honor killing
What is a dysfunction?
An element of society that may disrupt the social system or reduce stability
What is the feminist view?
Inequity in gender as central to all behavior. Women's subordination is inherent to capitalist societies
What is the sociological imagination?
The awarness of a relationship between an individual and wider society
What is a manifest function?
The open, stated, conscious function
What is a latent function?
An unconscious or unstated function