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The text describes the main point of using the structual-function approach as:
understanding "waht makes society tick"
The social-conflict approach draws attention to:
patterns of socail inequality
The symbolic-interaction approach draws attention to:
how do people experience society
What is "the systematic study of human society":
Making use of the sociological perspective encourages:
challenging commonly held beliefs
Linking specific facts together to create meaning creates a:
In deciding what kinds of questions to ask as they begin research, sociologists are guided by:
one or more theoretical approaches
Sociology first took root in:
France, Germany, and England
The term "sociology" was coined by:
Augustine Comte
What are several personal benefits of learning to use the sociological perspective?
"commonsense" ideas
a diverse world
Sociologists define a symbol as:
anything that carries a meaning to people who share a culture
Standards by which people who share culture define what is desirable, good, and beautiful are
________ distinguish between right and wrong: __________ distinguish betweeen polite and rude:
Mores; folkways
The spread of virtual culture means that culture is now less likely to be:
passed down form one generation to the next
The term "subculture" refers to:
cultural patterns that set apart a segment of a society's population