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The complex whole that includes unique attributes and normative responses is known as the...
This is the process of learning the roles, statuses, and values necessary for participation in social institutions
Freud's theory of socialization links social development to...
Biological cues
The earliest stage of Piaget's Cognitive Development theory is known as...
The school of symbolic interaction theory that focuses on the active role of the individual in creating the self-concept is the...
Interaction school
Mead's term for role players with whom we have close personal relationships is...
Significant Others
Which of the following terms is used to refer to the evaluative component of the self-concept, our judgement about our worth compared to others?
Role learning that programs individuals for roles they are likely to assume in the future are known as...
Anticipatory Socialization
Which is not a total institution?
A. Monasteries
B. Factories
C. Prisons
D. Mental Hospitals
B. Factories
Which agent of socialization is largely responsible for primary socialization?
Adolescents tend to value most the opinions of...
The text identifies all of the following as agents of socialization EXCEPT:
A. Religion
B. Peer Groups
C. Voluntary Association
D. The workplace
C. Voluntary Association
A position in the social structure that a person can obtain during a lifetime is a(n)..
Achieved Status
A position fixed by birth or inheritance is called a(n)...
Ascribed Status
This is a specialized position within a group
The set of rights and obligations associated with a status is called a(n)...
When incompatible role demands develop within a single status, one experiences role..
An enduring social structure that provides ready-made answers to basic human problems is a(n)...
Inequalities in hunting and gathering societies are most likely to be based on...
Age and Sex Status
Complex and stable social institutions outside of the family were first developed in these kind of societies
A complex class system is first seen when a society evolves into this stage
The routines of everyday life explain the similarities between one encounter and the next. Why each one is just a little different from the rest is best explained by...
The ultimate back religion for most people is...
This is a general strategy used in identity work
Avoiding Blame
In the past decade, sociological thinking has increasingly viewed social behavior as...
Exchange, cooperation, and competition are all examples of ...
Social processes
Almost all voluntary relationships are entered into as situations of...
Interaction that occurs when people work together to achieve shared goals is called...
Two or more people who interact on the basis of shared social structure and recognize mutual dependency are called a(n)...
This communication structure allows the greatest equality of participation
The all-channel network
The degree of attraction members feel to the group is referred to as..
When pressures to agree within a group are so strong that they stifle critical thinking and group members simply hide their real opinions, the group has experienced...
Intimate face-to-face interactions are typical of..
Primary groups
Groups that are formal, large, and impersonal are called...
Tertiary groups
Activities that provide integration and emotional support are referred to as...
Expressive activities
Activities that are task oriented are...
An individual's total set of relationships is called his/her...
Social Network
The most important factor associated with the number of strong ties a person has is...
Large, formal organizations with complex status networks are called..
Complex organizations
Which of the following are major drawbacks to bureaucracy?
A. Ritualism
B. Alienation
C. Structured Inequality
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
T or F?
In Mead's theory, the "I" is the spontaneous, creative part of the self
T or F?
In Freud's theory, the superego develops during the oral stage
T or F?
Once a child develops an understanding of abstract concepts such as truth or justice, the child has entered the formal operational stage of cognitive development
T or F?
Your close friends and family would be examples of generalized others
False!--Primary Groups!
T or F?
Statuses are the basic building blocks of social structure
T or F?
Role strain occurs when incompatible role demands develop within a single status
T or F?
Generally speaking, church is a good example of a back religion
T or F?
Excuses are accounts that occur before one violates the expectations of others?
T or F?
Competition relies upon shared rules whereas conflict does not
T or F?
A strong sense of community is characterized by dense, crosscutting social networks that link all or most members together